Vanae sings! Get over someone! Interracial dating!

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  1. Shotosboring1stpick says


    No it isn’t advancement, it’s ignoring the racism that goes on in the world by melding each other. All interracial trends are self-interested motivated. An example would be the famous AF/Wm & WF/BM combo. Both males of that combo have committed violent and verbal crimes way more than the males of the females they’re going out with. I can understand the WF/BM because of slavery, but it is twisted to accept the AF/WM, especially knowing how whites initiates most of the race wars.

  2. I think the meaning of life, my life at least, is to leave behind a legacy that changes something about the world for the better, advancing the human race into a Type I civilization. Dr. Michio Kaku knows what I’m talking about.

  3. Shotosboring1stpick says

    If that is the case, which is easier for black men to get a asian women, then an asian men getting a black women(and it is not just cultural issues, I’ve experienced some black women who were rude to me or just preferred their own kind), then asian women are probably superficial.

  4. SOUPRUN01 says

    This is good cause it’s making me not bother about anyone or anything. To hell with all of you. ( Hell dos’ent exist really )

  5. @fimmyk Not where I live. You must not be in Cali.

  6. 05kantimmanuel says


    this is not true.. i have seen that over and over again black men and asian girls

  7. @DrachmasErus personally i never tried to approach an asian girl but just seeing around me, i can come to that conclusion that it’s almost impossible.nd just because i typed like that doesnt mean i speak that way thats just how i type from my phone im sure your familiar with the “sms language” lol and if you mean intelligent like doing great at school then im doing just that.
    so i should be able to get an asian girl then? LOL JK

  8. DrachmasErus says

    @fimmyk not to be rude but it’s probably because you speak like, “if yo black.” Most asian women prefer men who are intelligent and respectful. so don’t be so quick to blame you’re race maybe it’s the way you carry yourself.

  9. Mm I just forget about the person or take like ahh whatever even if I was really into her while as a couple. There’s plenty more chicks. You not the only one. Is what I always say. And I’m really sure everyone does and I go by that.

  10. persianninjatkd says

    wow you have a beautiful voice…i wish you could sing for my music =(

  11. MultiFred50 says

    so sexy

  12. ariyazonita says

    i like your voice alot…….

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  16. your really turning me on,,,ur the hottes babe,,

  17. Sudendeath131 says

    wow pervs

  18. natedagogo1988 says

    This woman has been watching wayyyyy too much Grey’s Anatomy 😛

  19. @fimmyk

    I’ve been trying with an asian girl for the past 2 months and and it it just ain’t working. Got stuck in friend zone…damn it!

  20. inventive99 says

    very pretty voice!

  21. edwardjames81 says

    I marry a Swiss-Filipina with whom I have 2 BEAUTIFUL Afro-LAtino(Honduran)-Swiss-Filipinos mix Babys ;-)… Interracial for Life! :-).
    Beautiful Voice Vanea, I love your singing. great vid.

  22. MrKooL92 says

    u have some nice tits. but i did actually listen to what u said and nice voice and advice 😉

  23. thanks

  24. AmorProdigium says

    It’s one reason why I hate this town so much.

  25. Heathen531 says

    @papernigga – Undoubtedly the truth hurts. It is unfortunate that politically correct egalitarian societies have to live a lie for your sake.

    Haiti : is the first post-colonial independent *Black-led nation in the world, the poorest country in the Americas, and Haiti has consistently ranked among the most corrupt countries in the world on the Corruption Perceptions Index (Transparency International). This is despite all the humanitarian efforts by whites. Go live there & be with your people!

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