Value Your Vagina! Shay Your Date Diva shares how every women must value their vagina and NEVER allow a man to place them in the “friends” zone. Sign up for an appointment to talk to me Live! http


  1. MeSoHorrrny says

    I’ll value it… two dolla.

  2. Genocidall says

    I thought women were made to have sex with

  3. MachinateTDK says

    hey hot water is hard to come by in most places. but i know of a ***** who slept with a “friend” all day on V-day (there goes the “v”) and then slept with another guy on V-Day night. how much value does this hoe place on her “V”? damn shame!

  4. icebreaker1987 says

    “Friend” is a more acceptable verbal abbreviation of “Cut Friend.”

  5. See average guys go for the sex but a real player looks at the work women can put in an he value himself an not her V but also if these women put themselves in this position that’s on them an in some case women do booty calls too women are far from innocent

  6. jjizarea88 says

    Shay are you single?

  7. eddiejide says

    PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE…….women use guyz for sex too. some women just want to be laid by a guy, they probably dont see the guy up to their standards. however, they find him just physically attractive…..hence, just want to sex him……..PLEASE LET US STOP BASHING we GUYZ……love ur vids though

  8. AngelicSeduction1 says

    i so respect what you are doing for us ladies, and helping us to keep it real! THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU!!!!

  9. TiffanniRhea says

    I could listen to you all day! PREACH!!!!

  10. lovein30days says

    Yes, very good! You are right but they always give signs they are up to no good. Dont dismiss what you gut is telling you about him. Listen and RUN like hell if the bells go off!

  11. morethanawoman87 says

    yes some men will pretend, say, n,do all the right things and get that then change but that mean he wasnt even real and genuine to begin with. the part about a man not making u his girl is true. ladies if he was really feeling u like he say he does u wouldnt be single. if i offered u a car would u think about it, or take it?clearly he is not sure how he feels about u or if ur even worth having a tittle we all learn the hard way.

  12. lovein30days says

    If you give it up to a man and then he loses respect, he never respected you in the first place. You should have never gave him the time of day in the first place. I give women the tools to stay away from these type of men.

    With Love
    Shay Your Date Diva

  13. lovein30days says

    Nope sweetie, that is NOT the message I am sending. Your Vagina is not a bartering chip, it is precious cargo. What I am saying is that a woman should wait not because she is playing games with him but because that is what is required in order to choose a man with out getting ad’dic’ ted to him. Use your mind first when choosing a mate and you are LESS LIKELY to be played. Increase your standards and less scalliwags will come knocking at your door.

  14. morethanawoman87 says

    one thing i disagree with shay even though i love her videos and msg is that she tells women to treat their vagina as a barter system to get the love and respect that you want and deserve. pussy withholding it or givig it have little to do with the respect he has for u it has alot to do with the mentality of that man and how the woman carry herself bc u can wait all u want once u do decide to give it up he no longer has to respect u

  15. morethanawoman87 says

    men use the “friend” thing to get you right where they want you. they tell you what you want to here. listen to you the whole time all they wanna do is blow your back out. the key ladies is to never enter a sexual based relationship with a man u KNO u want more frm ur gonna get hurt

  16. lovein30days says

    Dont cry sweetie, just learn the lesson and act accordingly:)
    With Love
    Shay Your Date Diva

  17. xxchristinexstarxx says

    Oh shay, you make me cry. true story, sad times…

  18. eddiejide says

    but some woman r just after sex also

  19. from now on, when i throw up the “peace sign” to a man trying to undercover dis, my V will have a new meaning. sorry dude, I truly Value my Vagina! you have to come better than that!

  20. you are truly a gift, and i know you are helping a lot of people, especially women. a lot of the things you discuss, no one has explained them in just that way, and a lot has been missed or mis-understood. i also have the book it’s a great reference. keep up the great work, it’s a wonderful ministry, even for old fogies like me. i’m 44 and feel like i’m just starting to get it, how men truly view things, and how i should be honoring myself. you go!!

  21. Cliff1719 says

    “If you value your vagina, then everyone else will value your vagina.”

    Shay is always teaching the Queens.

  22. soularflarez says

    when I put females into the ”friend zone” its trying to get to know them without the pressure of trying to get sum and without trying to impress each other and just being kool with each other…..

    but having alot of females in my family and platonic-homegirls….im tired of seeing them wasting their time dealing with these dumazz niggas who dont give a fuck about them…….but we all learn in our own time i guess !!!

    thanks for posting this up !

  23. BaldButWigged says

    this is great. glad i don’t give it up easy. “friends”, a word i despise.

  24. frogzkande says

    You’re so awesome! Thanks

  25. focusednow123 says

    Great Video Shay, I feel what you’re saying

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