Understanding Women: Get Out Of The Friend Zone & Date Your Crush

www.davidwygant.com Understanding Women Get Out Of The Friend Zone & Date Your Crush. Are you stuck in the friend zone. Having trouble understanding women and how to get them to see you not as a friend but as a date? This shocking video will give you the secret to understanding how women are wired and how to get out of that friend zone! For more FREE tips and advice on understanding women and how they really think, visit www.davidwygant.com


  1. loverguy200 says

    wat if were only 13

  2. coolwoolcott says

    but what if there not that into you

  3. @CPenha That’s the funniest (and best) thing I’ve ever heard

  4. The Friend Zone is like a fukin tornado: Its big, it sucks and it destroys people’s lives.

  5. you gave me so much confidence bro !

  6. mattording says

    Thx so much it worked… Se said yes

  7. nunchakueagle says

    that’s it i’m making that damn move on saturday lol because my pussy ass decided that if i act save she would do the first move god damn she didn’t! but we’re hanging on saturday and i’m not letting it go

  8. pwtimmons1 says

    left a message, i wanna see how she’ll respond….wat do you guys think?????

  9. ElectricRocklee says

    LOL this video speaks the truth!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. solodarkwolf says

    totally true, just graduated and learned this during highschool. crushed on this girl nicole for a year or two, never said a damn thing but wasted a lot of time thinking about it. the other week i tell her i had a crush on her and she asked me ‘why didn’t you say something?’. have a crush on this other girl now, so i was like ‘fuck this shit, i’m not gonna waste time like last time’ so i told her right then. she says she doesn’t know if she likes me back, but at least i got it out there 😀

  11. holy shit! your gettin’ me excited 😀 i’m try ask him out now. i’m gonna say like ‘wanna hangout sometime?’ lol and i’m also ready for rejection -_- /

  12. unlike other people I’m a girl. I have have had two crushes so far. The first crush was my Boyfriend and my second crush I’m dating him right now. I didn’t waste anytime at all when I had a crush on them. I just approached them and I was lucky that I they also like me too 😀 It was nice. I wish guys were less afraid of approaching women. Don’t be afraid of rejection, it happens. If we don’t go after what we want then we will never know if we can get them.

  13. TheKBKing21 says

    @pantheralleo lmfao

  14. mt girl is gona dump me 4 another guy and she knows i love her alot and she loves me and she know that the other guy will dump her in 4 weeks or so and i realy dont want to loose her that way cause she still wants t0 be friends with me…… do u have any advice or me

  15. jonnyboy9769 says

    Im 13 now See now middle and mabe highschools refer to ” going out ” as being gf bf soo if u ask out some 1 and say yes ur bf and gd soit is easier to being rejected and u see them all the time and it’s not like collage where there is sooooo many people so if u get rejected in collage no big deal but in middle school u see them a lot and their friends screw with u so it’s a lot harder

  16. truecomments114 says

    I agree 001FredRox100 the best friend zone sucks

  17. kevinghislain says

    sure, ill do it lol

  18. Fuck yes just did, got rejected but it feels fricking awesome

  19. WindingWhisper says

    @themodmother I’d wait for a bit, comfort her maybe since shes just outta a bad relationship. But not too much or you be the guy that shell run to every time she has a problem. But just enough for her to let her know you care..then see what happens

  20. WindingWhisper says

    I liked a girl, came out straight with it “I fancy you”…she reacted with a kiss. 🙂

  21. themodmother says

    ryt a actaully jst went for it and she sed yeah bu then changed her mind like a day b4 the date thing should i just keep trying shes just out a bad realtionship shes lives like across the road from me and we both work the gither and wenty skl the gither

  22. 001FredRox100 says

    actually i do have alot of crushes but i only go after 2 at a time and this year it was the 2 girls that lockers were next to mine which was AWESOME just imagine have you locker inbetween 2 of your crushes but half way threw the year i let go of one cus they cheat and stuff so i talked to the other crush like SO MUCH that im not stuck in the friend zone… im stuck in the BEST FRIEND zone which the friend zone i hard enough but the best friend zone… IMPOSSIBLE! but now im after her 3rd bestie

  23. MarkLucianoWBT says

    I asked out my best friend after 17 years. We lost touch for the last 10 years then reunited on Facebook a few months ago. She said she loves me, and thanked me for being such a great friend. But, she said we can never be anything more. She doesn’t have the kind of intimate feelings ppl have in a relationship. Feels better to get it out & let her know. But, it still hurts to not to have the one you love feel the same. So far it hasn’t affected out friendship at all. Thank God!

  24. thetransporter789 says

    Hey if someone could help me put I want to ask purveyor girl, I’m not scared of being rejected I’m scared of other people talking about It I know it’s weird but if someone could help that would be great

  25. @KoichiCL No kidding. It’s not like they were friends anymore. I wonder if it would have worked if he tried to get her in college. Probably not I think.

    Still good advice, but it’s not advice to ‘help you get your crush’. More like just trying your luck and don’t waste time…

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