Ultimate geek girl desktop tag: fuel for a new book?

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How to win your Christmas PlayBoy Bunny

Kevin and Sylvie are looking for a new subject of their book making you famous in the real world.

They just need a subject where lots of people can participate and with lots of pictures, so I thought: why not take the idea from my partner Ellie : the ultimate geek girl and make it into a book?

ultimate geek girl

Ultimate geek girl wallpaper

The idea is to put the FUN back into blogging and that’s exactly what they are doing at the FuelMyBlog community: a marriage in heaven.

The rules:

I forgot how fun it is to share
your desktop screenshots with other people.

It’s a great way to find out more
about the personality behind the blog or emails.

Munny4Hunny wallpaper

Partner Jay from munny4hunny has the following wallpaper:

munny4hunny wallpaper

munny4hunny wallpaper

And you need to visit munny4hunny what is so special about his desktop!

Linky Love wallpaper

linky love wallpaper

Linky Love wallpaper

Wallpapers can reveal your personality

britney spears wallpaper

Britney Spears Wallpaper

paris hilton wallpaper

Paris Hilton Wallpaper

Most likely fans of…

ron paul wallpaper

Ron Paul wallpaper

mike huckabee wallpaper

Mike Huckabee wallpaper

Most likely these people will change there wallpaper in a few months…

technorati wallpaper

Technorati wallpaper

olpc wallpaper

olpc wallpaper

Green lovers…

leweb3 wallpaper

leweb3 wallpaper

Anita Rowland wallpaper

Anita Rowland wallpaper

Red lovers…

The picture needs some text… a book?

led zeppelin wallpaper

Led Zeppelin wallpaper

kissing wallpaper

Kissing wallpaper

The first wallpaper is clear: fan of…

But the second wallpaper:

is this a cat lover or a kiss lover?

So there you go:

  • a picture
  • some extra explanation about the picture

The ideal ingredients for a new book!

Putting theory to the test

Is this really going to work? Well, let me tag a few FMB bloggers and if there is any response, then we can take it from there 🙂

Another FMB book revealed

If you want to see the people behind their avatar: you can buy the book below:

showcasing 64 avatars and
sponsoring Doctors without Borders!

By the Fuelmyblog Co…

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