Typing in my underwear!

gwen stefani style clothesLife is becoming quite sexy these days! And yours should be to!

Before I am really good awake and have pored in a big cup of chocolate milk, I am already writing paid posts, still in my underwear, mind you! 🙂

Know your readers for high click through rates!

Suppose I was making a website filled with sexy pictures of Gwen Stefani (for those that didn’t get the hint yet, the underwear I am wearing now is the same as in the top right picture and of course is from Gwen Stefani.

Now who is going to click through on sexy pictures of Gwen Stefani? If you didn’t, that means I still have your attention and I am not making any money from you.

This is a good example to show you that : you need to attract the people that are looking for the things you are offering!

How to know your target audience?

You go to Microsoft adCenter Labs Demographics Prediction Tool to find out that the most people looking for "make money online" are 52% male and 25% between the age of 18-24. Now that’s exactly the people that wont admit that they are overly interested in my underwear 🙂 (go chatroom if you need to have the proof…).

So to make a point: whoever is still reading this post and didn’t venture into sexy pictures of Gwen Stefani:

Please leave a comment with your age and sex!
you get a free link back to your website anyway!)


  1. I am a little over 52% male and less that 25% of me is between the ages of 18-24.

  2. @Jay

    It shows who is reading ThePinkC.net vigurously 🙂

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