Two kinds of harmful dating advice

Two kinds of dating advice you should avoid.


  1. Lescouflair says

    You must be a psychology major.

  2. souldude151 says

    im pretty certain those dating advice magazines are written by greedy women.

  3. YourSexisOnFire100 says

    It’s obvious that the men’s magazines are telling men that woman are hard to impress and are like complex machines because of the fact that they want men to buy the clothes/expensive items they are advertising in the magazine. They are basically being paid by the companies who post the advert’s in the magazine to say those things.

  4. the things he says are pretty much on target, what i wonder is how he refrains himself from laughing at HOW he says things.
    Arkady I think you are funny… yes I want to marry you :O)

  5. EugenicsIsTheAnswer says


    you’re fucking 10? this is an adult dating tips video. go outside and just be a kid.

  6. homo

  7. clarkallard says


  8. VWYL900802 says

    that’s scary. guys should have a bit of ruggedness in them. not OCD.

  9. VWYL900802 says

    ur an asswipe.

  10. VWYL900802 says

    not exactly……. there’s always gender difference.

  11. VWYL900802 says

    well, at least be by her side and support her….. like at least do help her with problems that you can handle. the key thing is tolerance.

  12. datingwomensex says

    Keep this stuff coming.

  13. waystogetyourexback says

    It so great to wath this video!!! It give u loads of info!!! Try to watch also my videos!!!!

  14. 13thtrece says

    @Seraph825 well talk about those feeling with her and you also got to consider if you really want to be with her, if you do tell her that as well and that you really want it to work out and also try remembering what attracted you to her in the first place, its more of a mental thing this type of problem and one of the hardest test a relationship can face, try doing things both of you like, activities , games for example and most important of all communicate in a proper honest and civilized way

  15. @69Bluntsmoka420… i love your comment with the cartoon. i been wanted to do that with my boyfriend since i know he smokes. but it suck he wants to be with his friends instead. girls are humans!

  16. GoblinsnHobbits says

    I can almost get behind you, bu t replace world of crapcraft with dragon age: origins 😛

  17. 69Bluntsmoka420 says

    The two of you should get high and watch some cartoons together.

  18. VWYL900802 says

    1. do u still like her?
    2. if something happens, who do u think first?
    3. say some other hot chick passes you by, do u check her out?

    and finally, say ur at a place where there guys and girls but just not ur gf, and u are tempted to cheat, what do u do? do u refuse because of the guilt or because of a choice?

    after all these, i think u will know for sure where u guys are at.

  19. Seraph825 says

    maybe your right. thanks. one more question though, me and her have been dating for almost 4 months now..are we still in the infatuation stage or would now truly be a good time to take it to the next level.

  20. VWYL900802 says

    @nsben who cares? hes ur friend. if hes creeped out then hes not really ur friend.

  21. VWYL900802 says

    @Seraph825 take a trip. go somewhere. ur relationship with her should never be boring. maybe its time to take things the next level. or maybe u need to move on and end the relationship. whatever way, a trip will be the best way to test ur relationship with her and its state.

  22. VWYL900802 says

    @bLUeChErryz ur infatuated by her…… don’t think too much. just be urself. shes just as human as you are. just try try and try, learn from ur mistakes and eventually ull grow from it.

  23. Seraph825 says

    maybe someone can help me with this:

    i think my feelings for my gf are slowly and painfuly faiding…but i dont WANT it to go away. is there a way (nothing sexual) to sort of renew my feelings for her – to, in a way, fall in love with her again? please someone give some advice. i would apreciate it very very much.

  24. 69Bluntsmoka420 says

    ugh, I can’t stand it when women are clearly upset but deny anything’s wrong. As far as I’m concerned they had their chance to get it off their chest and blew it.

    “Honey, you look upset. What’s wrong?”
    “Nothing. I’m fine.”
    “Great!” *Plays World of Warcraft for six hours.*

  25. hyperwarrior says

    @rizzo123456789 and I bet you were never that smart!

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