Turn your passion for pets into profits!

Are You A Pet Person? Then you should start your business with an outstanding FUN Factor!

If you’re ready to turn your passion for pets into a full time income:

  • without almost none upfront out of pocket costs and
  • with healthy pet food products…

…then all you need is the blueprint for your pet business.

Why is there so much money to be made with pets?

More and more people are delaying parenthood, or deciding to not have children at all. Lots of these people are spending lots of money on their pampered pets instead.

As people become more health conscious of their own diets, they begin to get a special interest in their pet’s diets as well.

Why do people want to buy your healthy homemade dog treats?

Good for you to know is that:

  • commercial dog biscuits contain more chemicals and additives than recognizable ingredients. So lots of people want to buy naturally homemade pet food and dog treats.
  • ingredients to make healthy dog treats cost for only pennies, but you can charge several hundred times your cost.

There is a lot of money in the dog treat bakery business because:

  • the profit margin is so high and
  • people are willing to pay for the best dog treats money can buy.

After all: the health of their pet is priceless!

How to make money making and selling dog treats.

You can scoop up the above mentioned huge profit margin by learning how to start your own dog bakery business.

Making dog biscuits right in your own home is an easy and very profitable business because there is such a huge demand for natural treats.

Dogs themselves prefer naturally homemade biscuits : so all the dogs from your buyers will become your new best friends.

Best of all, this dog treat business is ideal for people who want to work in their own home ~ and make extra spending money doing so!

You can choose your own hours and leave time for doing what you really want to do : like spending more time with your own dogs 🙂

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Everything you need to know about
starting a dog bakery is
included in this informative eBook

Have fun and make profits:

  • cooking for your own pet and
  • making money selling your favorite homemade dog treats.

Here is a sneak peek at the extensive table of contents to show you step by step how to make money baking dog treats at home:

  • Why start a dog bakery business?
  • Legalities, Etc.
  • Company Name
  • Company Logo
  • What’s in a Name?
  • Business Supplies
  • Labels for your treats
  • Where to sell your homemade dog treats
  • Fairs, Festivals & Kiosks
  • Unusual places to sell your treats
  • What to bring when approaching these places
  • Order forms
  • Contracts
  • Payment Methods
  • Deposits
  • Turnaround time
  • Once the order is placed
  • Keeping track of orders
  • Delivering versus picking up
  • Marketing techniques – how to get your name out there so people come
    to you.
  • Customer service
  • Finding recipes for dogs
  • Finding recipes for cats, birds and horses
  • Organic or not?
  • Packaging your dog treats
  • Keeping your treats fresh and preventing mold
  • Special dog treat gift packages
  • Additional Help

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