Trying Free Dating Sites to Find Love


I had no clue about online dating or free online dating concept until I heard it from my brother who was on a free dating site. Well, Iâ??m barely familiar with computer and, hence, I do not have a lot of exposure to Internet either. So I never really knew if free dating sites existed until I heard about it from a couple of people. But seriously, I really donâ??t know how free dating sites work. All I know is how to type and blogs. However, we donâ??t want to enter complex computer numbers.

My brother told me that he got tired of the lame dates and then fell back on this free dating site. Probably, he had heard about the dating site from an ad. Iâ??ll fast forward a bit here, a week has passed since all this happened and guess what, he has got a date. He found this girl on the free dating site. He even showed me her pictures- she looks really smart and maybe, works in a café.

Anyways, heâ??d got this hot date and Iâ??m all gassed up now. I hate being single now and I guess Iâ??d jump into a free online dating site now. In fact, my bro has hooked me up with an account and now, Iâ??m enjoying being a member of this free online dating site. Iâ??m at work now and Iâ??m looking through the profiles of other members. They are pretty awesome. There is this girl I think I should date. I guess Iâ??m gonna ask my bro to help send her a message to see if sheâ??s really interested. This free dating thing isnâ??t too bad, I think I like it to be honest.

I have heard one shouldnâ??t be too open about oneself on a free dating site, what do you say?

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