Trade Secret Tips On SEO That Gurus Do Not Want You To Know

The biggest secret that gurus keep for themselves is their secret of making money online 🙂 Of course online money maker number 1 John Chow will argue: "all you need to know to make money on the Internet can be found on my blog."

I could equally say: "all you need to know to make money on the Internet can be found in a dictionary"… You can’t deny the words aren’t there, but the general idea and the hard work combined won’t be revealed that easily…

Secret number 1: HYPE it BABY

Which blog do you prefer:

  • Linky Love making 200$ a month or
  • John Chow making 10.000$ a month

John Chow of course!

Unfortunately John Chow is showing his gross income and Linky Love is showing her net income. Yes, that’s a monthly $200 without having paid a single cent on anything. That an awful lot of delicious Starbucks coffees just because I have a blog called Linky Love 🙂

Secret number 2: HIDE it BABY

What I didn’t tell you is that one year ago I did pay my affordable web hosting and invested in ebooks where:

Yes, those secrets you need to pay for but using their secrets I can make more than $200 so the investment pays itself back in no time 🙂

But your title is about SEO secrets…

True, and we will tackle those secrets now.

The author of Atomic Blogging in his latest post demystifies the secret to rank high for long keyword sentences.

He hides the 2 secrets

  1. that with his Keyword Research Tool that ships with Atomic Blogging, you can find out exactly which long keyword-phrases are in low supply in the search engines…
    … and …
  2. that even without a blog you can easily rank number 1 for those keyword sentences on Squidoo if you know the Squidoo secrets which I will hide also, hey, like Kelly: I am a niche marketer as well you know 🙂

The secret of long keyword sentences

First you can understand that it is practically impossible for you to imagine which long keyword sentences people are looking for.

What do you think people look for the most:

  1. girl gets raped in public in a malaysian pub
  2. girl gets rape in public in malaysia pub

Well, according to the Keyword Research Tool, nobody is looking for the first so called correct English sentence, but 4 people a day are looking for the second…

keyword research tool

How fast can you rank high with girl gets rape in public in malaysia pub?
Well, content is king when it comes to ranking high!

But it helps to know that there are 0 other pages in Google that are optimizing their page for that long keyword-phrase:

keyword research tool atomic blogging

And it helps when other people add an extra link to that page like so girl gets rape in public in malaysia pub 😈

BUT you say: nobody is going to be so statistically amazing that he or she will link to me using that exact keyword-phrase?

TRUE! That’s where you come in! You write a stunning article on Squidoo using all the tricks of the trade to rank high on Squidoo and you will have a high profile link pointing to your page with the long keyword sentence.

How long does it take to rank high?

About 1 hour ago!

ranking high in 1 hour

As you can see the article girl gets rape in public in malaysia pub was written today and already is ranking number 1 for more than 1 hour at the same day… Need to say more? 🙂

Real secrets you buy

No need to hype, no need to read so called secrets that nobody is going to tell you claiming they are telling them to you…

secrets you can only buy!

Investment: Atomic Blogging $49 + Ranking high using Squidoo $27 minus 1 month of $200 earnings leaves me with $122 for Starbucks coffees, shoes, restaurant meals in one month and

an EXTRA $200 EACH MONTH for:

  • more Starbucks coffees,
  • healthy treats for my pets,
  • a manicure and
  • a pedicure,
  • a spa treatment and
  • maybe even a new hand-phone 🙂

It seems the order button at Atomic Blogging has disappeared, maybe they are going to raise their price pretty soon…