Top Worst Kissing & Making Out Foods, Dating Tips, Hot Facts Girl Gamer Amanda

Top Worst Kissing & Making Out Foods, Dating Tips, Hot Facts Girl Gamer Amanda Amanda counts down the top 11 worst possible foods to eat for kissing or making out with someone. How to avoid bad breath before you kiss. Whats the worst possible food to eat before you kiss someone. How to not have bad breath. This is by your hot teachers Amanda the hots facts model or fun fact babe. http Music By Jimmy Gelhaar http Copyright 2010 Target Public Media. All Rights Reserved.


  1. soccom8341576 says

    Those sheets are not sexy.

  2. medialies100 says

    Here is a real tip for you gentlemen: Don’t eat asparagus if you plan on receiving a blowjob… you know how asparagus makes your pee smell? well it does the same to your load 😛 She will not appreciate.

  3. pureweezy2009 says

    ill eat wat ever the fuck i want and pop some trident ~vote up~ lol

  4. cjdances says

    amen to that

  5. I actually like when people’s breath smells like coffee

  6. t88boost says

    @altradude hell yeaaa.. rub my tounge ring all over her clit!!!

  7. RedDragon7777 says

    REALLY nice… more stuff that guys are lousy about. It’s amazing that females say yes when asked out AT ALL! . 11 more reasons for divorce.

  8. fubar102 says

    between now and the time you find a short enough skirt to wear, go ahead and get some scissors and cut some more off those shorts so we can see more of those hot thighs and crossed legs

  9. fubar102 says

    those are nice short jeans shorts but a mini skirt would be nice….please

  10. mentalelley says

    she sounds like a 13 year old trying to give a school presentation

  11. pinballrobbie says

    Cigarettes would be my No. one turn off-ash tray mouth….yuck!

  12. RedskinMcNabb says

    Another great video Amanda! Keep them coming. I look forward to seeing you and your legs every week.

  13. PipeDD714 says

    Waiter, I’d like a table for 2 in the smoking section … start with a bottle of chianti, main course spaghetti w/meat sauce (xtra sausage & parmesian) and garlic bread. Cappuccino afterwards!

  14. would i get bad breath if i eat you lol

  15. PlayMayhem says

    @NoDropLS I don’t usually pay attention to what cockroaches say – but next time you call someone an “idiot”, at least be sure to use the proper contraction. People who insult others’ intelligence with improper grammar is a pet peeve of mine. Correct: “SOOOOOOOOOO, *you’re* saying not to eat or drink anything? *You’re* an idiot.”

  16. SuperYoyo2000 says

    damn ur hot i think i gotta kiss u

  17. dont eat anything, dont drink anything, shit just stay home!!

  18. NoDropLS says

    SOOOOOOOOOO your saying don’t eat or drink anything? your an idiot.

  19. kingofheartsxyz says

    POCAHONTAS ! !!!

  20. putrid, potent stink….. hah! say it again amanda!

  21. altradude says

    And you totally forgot about kimchi!!

  22. altradude says

    SPAGHETTI WTF?!?! Because of a slurping sound?

    I’m just gonna make the same sound when I eat that p*ssy!

  23. PlayMayhem says

    Weird, I totally commented on my personal opinion about what to do about the dating/body odor thing… in fact, a ton of comments are missing 🙁 Thanks youtube. Anyhow, I don’t think you should just not eat anything, I think the trick is to be sure that your lover has eaten/consumed the same thing as you. Even morning breath kisses aren’t THAT bad if it’s with someone you love and you BOTH have morning breath!

  24. avsraider says

    Nice video Amanda. Love the long legs too.

  25. achalmers says

    You should have ended the video by saying, “Let’s skip the meal and get to fuckin’!”

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