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top alternative adsenseBlogging ain’t easy. You might have noticed that my site was a few hours down. Luckily I found a top alternative Adsense plugin and we are up and running making money online again 🙂

Managing multiple blogs (my Learn French blog, my cute names for kittens blog…) and trying to make all blogs look different, is even harder.

There are dozens of ways to implement Adsense into your blog, but none of them are this easy or this appealing to the users. The EZ Adsense WordPress plugin allows you to use Adsense, Yahoo, Adbrite, Amazon, you name it. No one else can claim such flexibility!

Additionally, we’ve made a layout manager that allows you to move things around a bit. If you like two columns on the left for one blog, or two columns on the right for another, no problem.

Previously, the hard part of implementing advertising into WordPress has been editing the files for your Adsense information and configuring the header image, navigation and other elements with your WordPress powered blog.

The core feature of this add-on pack is the exclusive Easy Adsense WordPress (EZWP) plugin that handles all this for you. You simply copy and paste your Adsense ads into the correct blocks in the Advertising Editor and let the EZWP Plugin do the rest!

Here’s what you can do:

  • Easily insert your Adsense (or any other advertising system) codes into your Super Adsense themes – The EZWP Plugin lets you use any other advertising code, not just Adsense! You can now use Adbrite, Yahoo ads, or others. It’s easy and no file editing is required.
  • Easily customize your header graphic – You can quickly download, modify, and upload your header graphic. We also include Gimp! The free graphics editor you can use if you don’t have Photoshop.
  • Edit your navigation links – You can now edit and create your top menu navigation links from within WordPress! We strive to make managing your blog completely intuitive without having to edit any files. We’ve made an editor for your navigation menu to make life easy!
  • All 30 original Super Adsense themes customized for our plugin – I had to do a lot of work to customize the Super Adsense themes and make things easier. You’ll get the full benefits of the EZ Adsense WordPress system by using our customized themes. The key feature to our system is the flexible column layout editor. Now you can have your navigation/advertising columns in any arrangement you desire.
    big adsense website

  • Add Google Analytics – It’s important to track your blogs usage, so we’ve included an edit box for you to place your tracking code. You can use Google Analytics,, or any other tracking system. Every page of your blog now will have the tracking code.
  • Regular upgrades – As we improve our code, we’ll notify our paid member community so you can get the new code asap!
  • Membership Forum – As a paid member, you get exclusive access to our members-only forum and newsletter. Don’t miss a single important update! We use our forums as a think-tank, where we discuss new features and get your input or to report bugs.
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This post is written by: Mark Williamson
EZ Adsense WordPress creator:

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