Toilet Bowl Cam

Today we bring you a funny toilet bowl cam introduce by no less than John Chow: our toilet spy of the day!

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John Chow’s shitty routine

click my buttJust Google for John Chow shit and you will find a lot of people thinking bad things about John Chow. Well, that’s because John Chow is 😈 !

But since he was my inspiration for starting a blog about how to make money online, we might as well do something back for him and post his video which he hopes will go viral. There you go: any advertisement is good advertisement.

Now before you click the play button: some things you need to know:

  • if you hate a guy named Gary, keep him in mind during the video
  • if you don’t want a silly song buzzing you the rest of the day about "… in his pa-ants, … in his pa-ants", you are advised not to watch this John Chow video!
  • this video could end you up thinking "John Chow: I am so tired and so sick of your shit it’s over", so be warned!
  • just ask yourself why he is wearing an affiliate T-Shirt…

free tabby kittens

John Chow talks about the meaning of life or so…

How to make money from the Internet with John Chow?

It took me a long time to find out John Chow’s strategy to make money online, but this video shows it: "it’s all about making buzz".

Once the buzz attracts loads and loads of visitors then:

  • start advertising his brainchild TTZ
  • look for advertisers that love to be seen around a buzz.

In other words:

write a blog to attract visitors, and then
send them to places where they will be monetized.

Like GO TO Adopt a puppy for FREE now!

So if they asked me how I knew raccoon shit was blue…well… John Chow’s class: dismissed 🙂

Hidden ladies toilet bowl cam

As usual people keep on adding their URL, and yesterday on April fools day I got this link which shows the promised toilet bowl cam below.

toilet bowl cam

Toilet Bowl Cam


  1. i visit John Chow’s blog once in a week and go through some of the useful posts … as many of the posts on his blog are for Ads or reviews of advertisers…

    and hey i liked this pic of that toilet bowl … lolzz

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