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This blog of the weekend is Tips for Moms, a beautiful blog with a link exchange feature!

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Tips for Moms

Tips for Moms gives you Tons of Tips for moms like:

  • stories about success,
  • stories about people who make money online,
  • weight loss success stories,
  • Search Engine marketing,
  • reviews,
  • funny videos,
  • music,
  • family,
  • hobbies,
  • mommies,
  • parenting and
  • many more…

I like the simple, sober, uncluttered design with smart placing of the Adsense Ads:

tips for moms

Don’t be fooled: this blog is updated with the latest plugins on the latest WordPress 2,5!

A tip by Linky Love: if she isn’t an affiliate of Sally’s beauty, she better do 🙂 You did notice the FREE coupon right?

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The most viewed posts show you that this is a blog on a mission, a mission for good health, especially targeting teens and tweens eating as little as possible…

tips for moms

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