Tips for Dating… Me??

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  1. briancalifornia1 says

    I wanna date you Jill

  2. CommentorX says

    @akuzan1 The angel line works from time to time. Not so much for “Excuse me, miss. Do you suck, swallow and take it up the butt, or are you just a dang Jesus freak?”

    Especially at an Easter parade.

  3. CommentorX says

    I troll Catholic confessional booths. Hot women that come out of there – well, you KNOW they’ve been sinning. Say 10 Hail Marys and give me your number, baby.

  4. waystogetyourexback says

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  5. i used the pick up line “did it hurt when you fell from the sky cause you must be an angel” it was a dare and the girl was really hott and she just laughed and started talking to me so….i think i would have to say that it worked pretty well

  6. icefox422 says

    i would say you pretty much nailed it but what do i know im just a guy;) oh fellas dont forget about confidence women always look for that. The whole shy guy thing doesnt really work the confident funny guy always wins and for the love of god dont make the girl feel sorry for you so dont beg or give her the puppy eyes its really pathetic ciou;)

  7. I went through that staged several months ago but now I’m cool with them again. I dig asians chicks now and brown ones.

  8. sweetnesspunx says

    can u give me a free blow job?????

  9. KingAlexander2008 says

    Damn, your eyes are hella blue. very good looking. nice vids =)

  10. wejockingonthemhatas says

    that shit lame as hell

  11. Hatansjourney says

    so many gay things to do for someone like you??? omfg Y___Y

    better earn some money and buy me a whore… 😉

  12. Keepskatin says

    you’re crazy where can i find and punch you,white girls are one of the best women.You said you’d try anything but white girls and you’re white,also don’t say anything,because you’re not trying me,i’m not gay

  13. Rev0lutionIsMyName says

    thats funny, i’m going through a phase where i like anything but white girls

  14. Keepskatin says

    i love white girls!

  15. viewtiflmee says

    That said, I would definitely date you, as you indeed are beautiful, and seem to be the smart/clever/funny type,and interesting to say the least;))

  16. viewtiflmee says

    Well,I think it’s pretty obvious that if I want to date a girl I’m pretty interested in her,I mean in everything about her, and if I’d like to date a girl it’s also obvious that I think she’s beautiful, sexy, smart and funny,otherwise I wouldn’t try to date her,so good advices, yet I’m not sure there is someone so idiot to be not interested in the girl he wants to date, or to think and say she’s not beautiful and so on.

  17. mujahedeen1987 says

    i would never date you xgobobeanx

  18. Julius314159 says

    I say balls to most all of these! If some lame ass girl needs someone to lie to her and make her feel special and interesting, then she needs to talk to her daddy. Honestly, what kind of guy wants to be with some insecure snob that can’t feel beautiful and interesting without having to be told about it? My advise is this, stop trying so hard. It was when I was not pursuing women that I had the most luck. That is how I met my wife, and things couldn’t have turned out better.

  19. tiny4204201 says

    yes i have. with a sad face i said, my house just brunt down, could i stay at your place? lol true storie. the thing is, she had already knew who i was, but i didn’t know her, so she laughs and says,
    “nice pants, they would look better on my bedroom floor thou.” we dated for about 2years.

  20. vince1074 says

    omg!!!! you need to learn how to spell before you insult someone!

  21. CreateCreateYours says

    Also have money to burn and wipe your ass with.

  22. CreateCreateYours says

    When pigs fly.

  23. lastwolflord says

    All those conversations seem bothersom and creepy.

  24. umarnawazkhan says

    wnat if you want 2 marry her?

  25. wheateater says

    I don’t think Lacey is a weirdo.

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