Thong Thursday

gwen stefani bikiniLooking at the amount of visitors Joey Moggie and my latest juicy posts at French Swear Words are attracting, I am also going to add some weekly features…

The first thing that came into my mind was Thong Thursday. It sounds even more juicy than TotalE! Thursday.

Or maybe I should put them together in:

TotalE! Thong Thursday or TTT !

What say you?

What to expect on TTT?

Idea is to spice this blog up on Thursdays with some celebrity gossip 🙂 Why? Because to unwind in the evening my TTT TV is on E!, so if you want some juicy gossip, ask mE! 🙂

Thong Thursday and Singapore Sluts?

Just have a look who is ranking high for Singapore Sluts these days, yet like many people say: what the heck are you doing on your blog? So from now on, on Thong Thursday I will be doing anything juicy!

Why TTT : TotalE! Thong Thursday?

Because I have a feeling that I am diversifying way to much. I mean it’s great to have a Gwen Stefani Clothes blog, but if you can only update it once every 2 weeks… nobody is going to become an avid reader.

On the other hand: having more than 1 blog:

  • is a good investment,
  • attracts more targeted readers
  • therefore gives targeted ads!

But dividing all your time over different blogs will slow down the process of getting $1000 a month: after all my intention is to show you how to make money on the Internet!

Anyway, let’s see how it goes: if I can bypass Joey Moggie and French Swear Words, consider my new idea a winner!

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