Thong Swimwear : Gossip Blog of the day

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Remember our Gossip blog of last Thursday?

girls swimsuits

Womans Swimwear

Thong Swimwear is again a more specialized version of Womans Swimwear : now only thongs are allowed…

The disadvantage of a Gossip blog depicting only people in thong swimwear is that there aren’t that many thongs to go around.

The advantage is that you are even more on topic than the more general womans swimwear and you can easily fit in men in thongs 🙂

one piece thong swimwear

One piece thong swimwear
Ideal to monetize branded swimwear!

karolina Kurkova

Karolina Kurkova
See the complete thong picture at Karolina Kurkova

There is also a cute gossip post about Elsa Pataky and then the disadvantage of such a specialized Gossip blog struck…

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