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Blog of this weekend: Science Student

Imagine all the hours wasted sitting on school benches during maths and physics looking at the cute teacher but not having a clue what words came out of his mouth…

Am I talking about myself only?

Fact is that calculus and statistics never were my favorite subjects yet:

Science Student at days attracts the most amount of visitors in our Toplist Directory!

What Science Student can teach you about making money online

People are different! So think outside your box!

I never liked "pure" science but the amount of visitors Science Student gets is living proof that there is a big audience out there that can be tapped from!

And you do need to have a look how this site is organised: Nate, a science student himself, is your scientific guide in how a site needs to be for Search Engines (since Search Engines are no more than scientific results based on scientific modeling!!!).

What Science Student can teach you about SEO

Being listed on the first page in Google for "current science news" and "ohm 39 s law" should be an indication that it’s not always "sexy secretaries", "Eva Longoria Pussy" or "nude Vanessa Williams" that drags in the crowd!

In other words: don’t copy the big famous sites but look for something you know (and after 18 years of school, there is no excuse you don’t know anything…) and put it out there!

  1. News will always be hot on the Internet
  2. Answers on "What is…" will also always be looked after, even if it’s about Ohm… because I have no clue anymore what that’s all about, so if I need to know, I just have to visit Science Student

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  2. Hey Linky, look what comes from small beginnings, your earnings are rocketing!.. I am back on the paid to post bandwagon this month with my pagerank revival.
    Also am experimenting with a new blog:
    I still have a way to go to catch up your earnings, but will give it my best shot this month…
    It’s all go, go….go!

  3. @Jay

    Happy to hear your PR is back on track and you have again a new blogout 😉

    Although my earnings are up: there are only 24h in a day to “paid to blog” so I am quite looking for better ROI since I cannot invent a 25th hour…

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