The Ultimate Guide to Productivity

Remember ages ago when I joined the Join the Ultimate Guide to Productivity?

Now there is a list of the 137 participants.

Have a look at it if you cannot wait until the e-book will be on offer. Free of course, you are at Linky Love after all 😈


  1. great site and layout.. i love how you’ve managed to incorporate the ads. you must be making a killing! 🙂

  2. ohh and .. I need tips 🙂

  3. @cottage: oh yes, I am making a killing: 87$ in 2 months nearly killed me 😈

    @cottage: you need to set your own goals (I see you have a reviewme of 100$, so I guess your goals are higher than mine when it comes to monetizing)

    My personal monetizing goal for Linky Love:

    -month 1 earnings: 20$
    -month 2 earnings: 40$
    -month 3 earnings: 80$
    -month 4 earnings: 160$
    -month 5 earnings: 320$
    -month 6 earnings: 640$
    -month 7 earnings: +1000$

    After that I will quit “dayjobbing” and concentrate on the things i love the fullest 🙂

    Any other tips needed? Just ask 🙂

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