The Tao of Dating: How to take your brain to alpha

Dr Alex Benzer teaches how to achieve a state of light meditative trance by taking your brain to the alpha wavelength pattern. The procedure is quick, simple and very effective. This video is from the ‘Tao of Dating Transformation Weekend’ seminar.


  1. dralexbenzer says

    many thanks, and much appreciate spreading the word.

  2. dralexbenzer says

    zach — thanks for the note. kriya yoga says one thing, himalayan tradition may say another. i say if you sat your butt down and meditated at all, it’s a great start 🙂 experiment and do what feels right for you.

  3. Dr Benzer, again i liked your video mucho mas!. Those two technigues you mentioned are good to do!. I will recommend it on my facebookside. ciao

  4. HI alex, Great video. According to the Himalayan tradition though, “ham” (pronounced “hummmmmm”) should be said (in the mind, without the words rising to the speech organs) on the OUT breath, and sooooo on the in breath. This is so for many reasons, not the least of which is that, this is simply how our breath “sounds’ when functioning naturally, or automatically. Soooo in huuuummmm out.

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