The pen is mightier than the sword!

One of my favorite blogs:

  • to get a 🙂 on my face and
  • to get into the mind of the male species…

is surely DaddyP‘s blog!
Congrats DaddyP, you are blog of the day today!
(P stands for 😛 , but DaddyP will deny everything…)

But the main reason why I am telling you about DaddyP, is to explain all the hype about Noelia’s nipple slip.

How to get into the mind of men looking for Noelia’s latest nipple slip?

The answer can be read at DaddyP’s: The penis. Mightier than the sword!

Noelia’s steamy video

noelia sex tapeWhy would any men want to find the youtube video of Noelia’s nipple slip when there is a complete Noelia sextape out there?

The only reason is that The penis. Mightier than the sword… Or in other words: show a man a naked piece of flesh and his mind goes blank.

There is nothing wrong with a mind going blank, but it becomes hilarious when after the erase there is no re-setup of the brain. You don’t have to be a hot geek girl to find that out…

Every men with an intact memory wouldn’t spend hours surfing for a Noelia nipple when the girl can be seen at large in her previous fitness tape doing exercises that makes you 25 calories lighter.

Britney Spears

And is it a requirement that Latin-American women never wear bra’s nor panties before they are allowed on TV?

Or is it just the idea: what Britney Spears can, I can do better! Just that I don’t drive a fancy car to show off my bottom, so let’s show off my top?

No entiendo todo eso, pues debe ser porque no soy latina misma de verdad …


  1. Perhaps the nipple is mightier than the sword? ………. it’s worth a thought or two.

    Hurrah I managed to leave a comment – I am a techno boffin whatever part of the world I’m in!! Hurrah for me and many hurrahs for Linky!!!

  2. @DaddyP

    Preferably 2 I would guess 🙂

    Most hurrah for you, and I hope that cardboard box is washable in the machine?

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