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The News Room offers news and CPM ads to your site. I emailed yesterday aking how I can track how much my ads from The News-Room are making? Within 4 hours I got their answer!

Communication is king

Take me as an example: Linky Love is a new site and people bare with my newcomer mistakes.

Same with The News-Room: they are new and in order to compete in the IT world, one technique is to deploy "a beta service" and fine-tune it along the way.

What is important in the beta stage is good communication:

  • fast reply
  • estimation when something will be implemented
  • walk the talk

Because you know you are in beta stage, you need to make sure your users keep happy although you know things will get bumpy here and there. The only way to keep your users happy is to inform them!

I will give you an example of bad communication in my next Nuffnang advertisements post.

2 different deadlines from The News-Room

I got 2 emails from The News-Room from 2 different people making 2 different estimations when we can track our earnings at The News-Room:

  • within a week (The short estimation is probably from the sales department)
  • in the coming weeks (The longer estimation is probably from the programmers department)

This means I will follow up next week 14th June.

Find out more how to implement news from The News Room on your site.

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