The News Room Earnings

In one of my previous posts: How to earn $145k? I explained how you can make money putting news from TheNewsRoom. I added a little example at: Malaysia Newspaper : Make money with TheNewsRoom.

After installing The News Room news, I complained in The News Room payments? that we have no idea how much money we are making with TheNewsRoom.

I got 2 emails from The News-Room Helpdesk at June 7th, one saying they would have everything in place in 1 week… typical IT salespeople talk! The other email looked more like coming from the programmers department, saying they needed a few weeks before implementation…

2 weeks later, today that is, I got another 2 emails: (They love to send 2 contradicting emails it seems… 😈

  • 1 email saying I earned about 2 dollar (not bad for adding news to your site)
  • 1 email saying the earnings are wrong…

Main thing is: they didn’t forget about me 😉 Seems they are working on it and with everything during a beta-stage: we can live with that as long as we keep informed 🙂

So try The News Room yourself: it will be a nice surprise if one day they send you a cheque with money for earnings you completely forgot about…

To be continued!

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