The Key To Persistence In Approaching Women In The Daytime Watch as I reveal simple techniques for keeping up your persistence when it comes to approaching women during the day. I find that too many guys give up approaching if they’re met with short-term failure, if you keep persisting you will eventually no doubt be successful at this. Warmly Alex Tags:mystery,method,dating,tips,tip,men,guys, guy,male,how,to,approach,advice,guys,tips,date,dating, approaching,failure,art,of,persistence,date,watch,pickup.


  1. petetang1985 says

    for newbies in sales its probably more like 5% out of 100 people. but still say you get paid $100 for each person, if you talked to 20 people a day, monday to friday, you’ve talkked to 100 people and get $500. still a good deal if you ask me.
    alex is the bomb!

  2. justinwa says

    You know certain advice is valueable when it is restated time and time again by different people in different ways. I’m really glad that Alex used his friend’s “hit rate” to explain how much effort is actually required to succeed. Alex said his friend’s hit rate was 20% so out of every 100 people, he would achieve 20 sales. I had a professor give me a similar statistic. I guess the more you try and the more effort you put into something the more rewarding it is when you achieve it.

  3. MrSilvaPeru says

    Hi Alex.. my name is Ismael Silva am 24 years old and i have never ask a girl to go out with me.. i always wait for them to show me for sure that they like me… my guy friends tell me that its sad but i just cant do it.. and i was woundering if u can help me… thanks alex and nice video….

  4. 20555116 says

    u r just tooo good!!! god bless u

  5. v2174230322 says

    very charismatic – and this is coming from a straight guy – i think

  6. systemknot41 says

    i need a wing…

  7. ObbiQuiet says

    “and had some crash & burn”

    Some being the key word? I believe I went through 20 or 30 crash and burns before I even got my first number. After you burn enough times, you grow a thick skin. The only real key to being a pick up artist is the drive to keep forcing yourself to do it until you become good at it.

  8. he’s great

  9. i think i could relate to the katyna780 dude. got so fired up with the pua thing and put too much pressure on myself. just have fun and make a jackass out of yourself. like think who gives a sh!t what others think. you know. i think that’ll work for anyone.

  10. SeductionArts says

    He’s just genuinely Interesting.

  11. Katyna780 says

    I saw your vids about the ways about how to handle it, for an instance, the 20 bills pressure per approach… and think if I ever do it that way, I may loose some money on it . During my late approaches, besides I had less AA, I’ve seen some other improvements in my game but even then, it seems so hard for me to do it again… I don’t want to give up but to overcome this issue. Any help will be more than welcome.

  12. Katyna780 says

    now I’m not feeling like my heartbeat goes wild or extreme nervousness, or feeling like
    a speech impediment while trying to talk.
    I have this problem since about three weeks ago.. I tried to stop thinking and approach but even without thinking I feel like I wasn’t encouraged enough to do it, I have to mention that I don’t feel the AA that high anymore as I used to just by even imagining the approach.

  13. Katyna780 says

    Hi, Alex and all PUA’s as well
    I’m stuck in this stage at my learning process: just cannot approach anymore, I started out about 3 months ago and had some crash & burn’s and also good mind blowing experiences. I ‘m confident about my openers but not much about how to lead it to a good conversation… I read about gambits, routines, history telling but just got kind of blank mind when I standing with the target. I had some evolution with AA,

  14. Good alex great advise !

  15. trmblingblustar says

    Good video! The only problem I have with approaching women is that I rarely see any I feel like approaching. I swear, I live in a college town, and there are very few attractive women. Or if I do see one, she is dragging her boyfriend along with her.

  16. fiendin281 says

    me too 😀

  17. anthony0643 says

    i love this guy…i need friends like him

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