The Free Dating Web Sites Debate-Choose Between Niche Vs General

When it comes to free dating websites, you’ll find plenty of options available. That’s part of the beauty of them. In fact, they have become so popular among users and advertisers that the crop continues to grow and this has led to the development of some niche dating sites. Below is an overview of the differences between these free dating web sites and some advice to help you make the right choice.

What are Niche Free Dating Sites?

When you hear people talking about niche dating sites, they are referring to sites, usually free dating web sites, which cater to people with specific interests. For example, Christian dating sites have become one of the most popular of these niche options. If your religious faith is important to you, you might choose one of these sites so you can find someone who shares that faith. Religion is only one category of niche-based dating web sites, however. Some are geared towards certain racial or ethnic groups. Some are geared towards people who have certain incomes or work in specific professions. You might also find these sites available for people interested in same sex relationships.

In comparison, general sites are open to almost anyone. If you’re not interested in limiting your choices, these sites would be the better choice.

Disadvantages to the Niche Sites

One of the major drawbacks of these niche sites is the community size. Chances are you’re just not going to find as many people available. While you could argue that you don’t need to meet dozens of people, just the right one, you do improve your odds finding that special person when you have more choices at hand.

Another drawback is that even at these niche sites, not everyone is going to be fitting into that niche. That doesn’t mean you’re likely to find conniving atheists at the Christian free dating web sites looking to coerce young singles but it does mean that some of the people may just be drawn to smaller venues so they have better odds.

Disadvantages of General Sites

With free dating web sites, you’ll still find quite a few of the general sites, too. While you will have a larger database of potential mates, you may have to do a lot more searching to find the right person who fits what you were looking for. Even when you do find some choices, you might be disappointed to learn that they may not be interested in what you have to offer. Plus, the extra competition can be enormous and getting noticed can take a lot of work, plus a stellar profile.

The Best Solution

Since we’re talking about free dating web sites, there’s no reason you can’t try your luck at both types of sites. Have a profile at niche sites that fit your interests and at a general site or two so you can cast a wider net. The combination can help you catch more fish.

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