The Dog’s Business Plan for making money online

click me… A Dog’s Business Plan is very simple AND effective:

And your pet with your blog will be featured here at Linky Love, because we all love pets it seems 🙂

The Atomic Blogging dog

dogs making money onlineMeet Alex, the dog from the Atomic Blogging author Alvin Phang.

Unlike Alvin, his dog looks a bit skinny, which is quite the opposite when I look at myself and my cat. My cat is fat and myself, well, I do need some exercise…

But we were taking about how dogs make money…

Quite easy:

So to be as successful as a dog, you just need to copy their business plan:

  • give people what they want and
  • in return they give you money

Do you speak like a dog?

  • do you bark like a dog and scare your customers away
  • do you wag your tail so people fall in love with you at first sight

Keep the above example in mind next time you try to sell something…

Dogs don’t speak our human language, but they are doing something right in order to attract people’s attention.

The same applies to the ebook Atomic Blogging that teaches you how to become an advanced blogger from scratch and make money doing so.

The book is criticized for it’s English that isn’t quite as eloquent as the Prime Minister of the UK.

Yet Atomic Blogging is doing something right: behind the Asian interpretation of the English language there is a value for money ebook that directs you in the right way for making money online.

And Alvin has a blog that not only talks about his dog, but about even more ways to make money online.

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