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Antarctica Cruises

Capitan Dranitsyn Antarctica cruise ship: Quark Expedition

Antarctica Cruises
The coolest blog on the Internet

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Antarctica Cruises

walrusAntarctica cruises show the Antarctica cruise of one tourist who made a Quark Expedition to Antarctica.

It talks about all you need to know when going on an Antarctica trip (the Antarctica season is only open from October until February during the Antarctic summer).

antarctica shower cramped like penguinsYou can find information about the Antarctica trip preparation (especially which clothes/gear to bring). To have an idea what Antarctica is all about, you can read the personal Quark Expedition to Antarctica. Quite amazing that you have to strap yourself in your bed in order not to roll on the floor!

Antarctica cruises is a blog following the latest Antarctica news : why did the Ms explorer hit an iceberg?

But my favorite post is How to get a free cruise to Antarctica!

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