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  1. very true man i have practiced these without actually watching ur videos before. it works !

  2. Arimatt1 says

    I would not like someone approaching me after they had just finished with a date…no

    Love ur videos, but not this one

  3. MetalBassjunkie420 says

    I’m most confident after running a lot and exhausting myself from it.

  4. x0happiibunnii0x says

    @nouveauvingtdeux Dude, hes wearing black shorts with white bits on the bottom. 😛 x x x

  5. hamzamans says

    @nouveauvingtdeux i guess he feel confortable with that

  6. katyc130890 says

    @euskaldanak You have a lot of charm. lol. Where are guys like you when you need them?

  7. justin0185 says


    sir…. you just got cock blocked…

  8. Awesomeduud says

    I screwed up my last 2 attempts.I’m not confident anymore.I love this attractive girl at school.But I have no courage.I always see no chances to talk to her.F…,I really want to talk to her.Right now I’m just sitting at bed.And being aloner

  9. WoWCraft6 says

    @nouveauvingtdeux there shorts,…. -.-

  10. @nouveauvingtdeux He’s not wearing pants because he probably just had sex with his supermodel girlfriend

  11. infinitylords says

    @loyalqueen shorts?

  12. crazy12345670 says

    so your saying cheat on my girl

  13. 159Fender159 says

    That box o cheerios is always there. Is that the key to confidence?

  14. mc23pld75 says

    drink beer. ur self esteem will boost up XD

  15. loyalqueen says

    how cute! hes in his underwear LOL

  16. Leucotrain says

    When i feel most confident and sure of myself? Do you really want me to approach girls when i’m drunk? :p Good video btw

  17. 92benno92 says


    He was probably about to get down with some babe.

  18. HealthIsInPlease says

    Lol picking up women 24/7. FTW!!

  19. sawyerbobby says

    @89kamanda he has a video for that too really he does

  20. ultradestruction says

    @NotOwningU Then forget dat bitch. If u got tons of cash in your pocket, juz hit Eastern Europe, Russian, Carribeans, or South America. Over there women are dependant on men alot, so it’s e-z 2 get dem.

  21. siliconsurf says

    the best time is in the morning because that’s when you have morning wood.

  22. 24Elementman says

    @NotOwningU Get rude with those fags they will get the point

  23. abobjenkins says

    The best time to approach a woman is when you see one that you want to approach. The end.

  24. Northernsharpshooter says

    @bloodcovered77 hahahaha haha bitch my hahaha is longer.

  25. bloodcovered77 says

    @Northernsharpshooter hahaha

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