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simply shinadeFor all of you on the list below who wants to become Blog of the Weekend on my blog, or just love to give and take Linky Love, please join for free in our Toplist directory!

Some of you are already in, so just enjoy this little extra Linky

The list below is painstakingly -yet with lots of love- created by Shinade who reads and approves all the blogs mentioned.

I agree these are good blogs, not only because I am in the list as well but because I do read some of them as well and just would love to be more interactive there, yet like we all , I have to pay some bills at the end of the month, so I do need to spend some of my time doing some blogging for money as well…

If Shinade forgot to mention your great blog, then just add it in a comment and join here!

Here goes:

Carol: My View Of It
My Reviews and Finds

Santa Claus: Santas Community blog
Everyday Should Be Christmas

Jos: NoDirectOn(NotNoDirection)
The Blue Ribbon Bloggers
DaddyPaperSurfer-Old Git
Sugar Queen: SugarQueensDream
The Down Side Of Up (PG)
Mel: Monday Morning Power
Colin (Cotojo): Life
Cotojo:Free PC Security
Marzie: Mariuca Wishing On A Falling Star
Amel: Amels Realm
My Blog Log: My Blog Log Blog
Zubli Zainordin: My Total Blog
Darlene: Auntie Dar’s Life
Olga The Travelling Bra
Speedcat Hollydale
Canadian Curmudgeon: Observations From the back Forty
Poetry By The Redneck Gypsy
Clarks Picks
Rybupsp: My Youtube Synopsis
Fum Filed Under Misc.
Sylvied : La Rochelle
Kevin : Tales Of A Smart up
Fuel My Blog’s Blog

TinyBellows: Aesthetic Emotions and Photography
Doing It The Tiny Bellows Way And Adding A Little Magic
Linky Love
jnbammer: Discovering Dad
Struck In Traffic
Kimchihead: Hardboiled, Kimchi-Stained Verbiage.

Paisley: Why Paisly
The Ink Pot
Jeane Michelle Coupe: Binding Ink
Humanitarian Causes United for Humanity
Ann Clemmons: A Nice Place In The Sun
Robin: The Spirit Knows Best
Kim: Laketrees
Mo: It’s A Blog Eat Blog World
Cowgilrl Betty: Colorado Cowgirl in Upstate New York
Jesse The Cat
Pix And Stuff

Lance: Soul Searching
Mauro: 1 Million Love Messages
Sandee: Comedy Plus
Mimi Lenox: Mimi Writes
Dating Profile of The Day
Texas Jam: The All Seeing Eye
Zhoep (SophiaGurl): Life Is Just Around The Corner
70’s Teen: diary of a 70s teen
Paula: six4Paula
Polliwog’s Pond
buckeyecop: The Poly Heights Chronicles
Julies Blog
Rolando: My Hush Space
JaniceNG: This Is A Miracle
Liquid Illuzion
Kimba: Thoughts From The Lioness
Franscud: Caught In The Stream
Kesa: Little Aussie Cynic
Sue Blimely: Blogging SueBlimely
Colorado Baby: Sharing Gifts
Loz: Sunrays and Saturdays
Midlife-A JourneyHanna: Amori,poesie,arte,chat virtual by Hanna

And a final not from Shinade:

Please believe me I could go on and on but time just doesn’t allow.
I hope you will all enjoy dropping in and visiting all these blogs.
I have tried my very best to offer varied content.
And please no links back or asked for or needed.
I simply wanted to pass along a Link Love
in honor of Blogroll Amnesty Day.


  1. Hello, I’m interested in joining Shinade’s list. Hope you can add me and tell me what to do next! Thank you!

  2. @Emila

    You did the first step: added yourself here, now it’s all up to Shinade 🙂

  3. I didn’t know we were supposed to wear red on Chinese new year!
    What is hard to figure out is where Angelina Jolie fits into the picture (although she does make it a very pretty picture)!
    My wife and I started wondering why we get along so well and it turned out that we were both born in the year of the tiger.
    We are known as Two Tigers now to our friends and family now (as in hide the food here come the two tigers! LOL!
    Any way happy Chinese New Year!
    And we will wear red!

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