Tante Girang

tante girang

I web googled for Tante Girang and Web Google served me the above Not Save For the Office pictures. Especially the picture in the middle is way too hot for comfort.

So I thought: is my browser setting wrong? Not really, as Tante Girang gives you steamy pictures even if your browser is on Moderate Safe Search.

tante girang

This means if your children are surfing for seemingly safe words , they get served a decent amount of porn.

Who is Tante Girang

Well, bloggers that want to have a quick spike of visitors will have noticed that people are having a high interest today in this keyword phrase.

Tante is just standard Dutch for auntie but used in Indonesia, Tante Girang ends up to be a "happy auntie" : a middle aged woman with an overly excessive sex drive lusting for young toy boys.

Now if this is considered moderate safe for Google, I was wondering where do they draw the line when it comes to not showing porn on websites using Google’s contextual advertising better known as Adsense?

I don’t see the logic when it comes to tante girang compared to other other Indonesian sexy keywords like ‘memek’, ‘tetek pramugari’ and ‘gadis melayu’. The first 2 don’t show any pictures as one should expect with a web search.

‘Gadis melayu’ does show pictures in the web search but they are all decent.

All 3 above keyword phrases show decent pictures in the image section using Moderate Safe Search.

So since this doesn’t make sense compared to tante girang, most likely Google is still unaware of the true meaning of this kind of tante… Let’s see how long it takes until they correct this, knowing Google they tend to be very fast as that’s what makes their search engine so good.

Meanwhile: if you do put in the advanced image search your preference to "Use strict filtering", the search will show only text in stead of showing in your face a picture of a tante girang playing with the toy of a boy…