Tammy Nyp

Seems people have nothing better to do today than Googeling for the hot and sexy Tammy Nyp uncensored video: the whole story follows…

Tammy Nyp

tammy nyp

Tammy Nyp and her "never got so famous yet evenly beautiful" friend

Nyp Tammy

nyp tammy

Nyp Tammy and her "soon to get very famous" boyfriend

Tammy Nyp Video

tammy nyp video

Tammy Nyp Video

For those that have never heard of Tammy Nyp: she was a 17 years old Genting Highlands student from Nayang Polytechnic. So far so good and it’s February 2006.

She lost her handphone… things can happen…

The person who found her phone uploaded her Tammy Nyp videos and Tammy became the most popular search for around 2 months on the search engines. Unfortunately she didn’t know how to make money on the Internet with it, so she is just another exploited porn queen on the Internet.

Tammy Nyp Pics


Tammy Nyp pics

Fortunately for Tammy Nyp, that’s not her real name. As you could have guessed by now, NYP stands for Nanyang Polytechnic.

Tammy Nyp unsenscored

tammy nyp uncensored

Tammy Nyp Uncensored

Unfortunately for Tammy Nyp: her handphone contained her intimate video 10-minute of Tammy Nyp and her boyfriend doing oral sex and full intercourse. But that’s all 2 years ago, why is Tammy Nyp back?

Nyp Singapore Tammy

What I love the most about the Tammy Nyp scandal is the reaction of the Singaporean government: not pointing fingers to Tammy yet making everybody aware what terrible things can happen if you love to use a handphone when you are doing private things…

nyp singapore tammy

Nyp Singapore Tammy :

Lose your handphone

Lose your privacy!

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