My Youtube Story [Memories]

I could have never gotten so far without you guys, so thank you. I’ve come such a long way and I’m not stopping here. It’s just the beginning.

what NOT to do on a date (youtube collab)

dating tips on what NOT to do on a date! more juicy tips at Post yours as a video response or comment! featuring Music by: Goodluck at the Gun Fight

Who wanna date Sandra Dewi

For all visitors that came here looking for Sandra Dewi or Tammy Nyp… why not get the real deal and start some real Asian dating? All you need to do is signing up at our totally free personals! Hurry, only 5 girls left!Join totally free personals now!     After you joined, come back for […]

Call Sandra Dewi to get a quickie

Sex sells: Sandra Dewi will show you in this picture! Have a look what exactly do you get when you let Indonesian star Sandra Dewi into a seductive advertisement about… well… quickies… ? Sandra Dewi: sex sells Dewi Sandra mp3 Don’t confuse Sandra Dewi with Dewi Sandra (… You don’t say things like : fat […]

What happened on American Idol tonight?

Get your link online on the spot! Tip $10 here to Rank 1 in our TOPSPOTS instantly! Well, 2 guys and 2 girls were voted out but my favorite Ramiele Malubay made it through to the next round with her "You don’t have to say you love me" performance which you can see here at […]

Ramilie Maluba does Jasmine Trias

Ramiele Malubay needs to do better than Jasmine Trias I find: she needs to get on top of American Idol! Ramiele Malubay arriving at American Idol Her performance yesterday "You don’t have to say you love me" was not bad, yet why would you do the same song as previous Filipino contestant Jasmine Trias sang […]

Edison Chen | How good a kisser is he?

We all know from the Edison Chen Scandal pictures that Edison does have the magic pick up line to get girls out of their clothes: lots of clothes and lots of girls that is. But is Edison Chen a good kisser? Did you see any kiss in all the pictures and videos? Ok, have a […]

Who wants to date Noelia at Linky Love?

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