Enjoy a fresh smelling house without cat urine

Enjoy a fresh smelling house while you are teaching your kitten to pee in the cat litter box.   Save time by using one of the cat urine products listed here.

Free dog training guide

A totally free dog training guide for download now! You can make as much money as you want: if you are spending more than you earn, it’s all in vain.   So in stead of spending money on books, go to a library or even better, download free ebooks online.   If you love dogs […]

For dog lovers only

Enjoy your dog loving to do all the things you want them to do. How?   By following the number 1 dog obedience training tip: consistency rules!   This is just the beginning of free obedience training tips and techniques from a new website called Guide For Training A Dog.   If you want to […]

How to keep your dog and house flea free

Of course you can buy a flea collar, but then you have to keep on buying new collars every so many months.   Another great way to keep your dogs flea free is to let them sleep in cedar filling dog beds.   If you want to learn how to buy a dog bed that […]

Cat Blogging

My human writing about pets on this Linky Love Pets Tuesdays told me to do the cat blogging of today, so herez goez… Drumroll… First and foremost I installed a spell checker, so you humans can understand me better, ain’t I nice ๐Ÿ™‚ (It ain’t a Welsh spell checker, sorry for that DaddyP…) Second and […]

How to get rich with pets

Ok, here we have a way to make you rich with pets, and you don’t even have to bark nor growl. All you have to do is advertise yourself for free, which means that you have to do what you love the most: showing off your love for pets. Because when people notice you love […]

The Dog’s Business Plan for making money online

… A Dog’s Business Plan is very simple AND effective: show your pet on your blog make sure I notice your blog: give me a shout at BlogCatalog And your pet with your blog will be featured here at Linky Love, because we all love pets it seems ๐Ÿ™‚ The Atomic Blogging dog Meet Alex, […]

Meet Jazmin : Siamese of 15

We said it before: you never know who is typing on the Internet… This time around we met a senior blogging cat: a royal Siamese by the way from a respectable age of 15. We found her scratching around our comment box over at our Free tabby kittens blog. Her royal highness Princess is an […]

Ratty Papersurfer

Tuesday is pets-day here at Linky Love, so we will introduce you to the almost extinct Ratty Papersurfer. Where men go, rats will follow… And that’s exactly what Ratty Papersurfers do: they follow Daddy Papersurfer: the most funniest blogger in the UK! The reason why they follow Daddy Papersurfer is because he is one of […]

Farting reindeer

Today we celebrate the farting reindeer at Linky Love‘s Pets on Tuesday. Every year exactly 3 months and 7 days after Christmas, we celebrate the reindeer that didn’t make it to Santa Claus due to some windy issues. How to join the farting reindeer picture celebration? All you have to do is try to fulfill […]

How to make money with pets

Grab your free dog treat recipes now… Click here! How to make money on the Internet with pets You don’t have to think far out of the box: think dating sites and now in stead of filling the database with people, you fill it with puppies… Or you give the service free like what I […]

Add your pet on Linky Love’s Pets Tuesday

Do you have a pet and a website with at least 1 post of your pet? Sea lionโ€™s welcome on Galapagos! Then your pet can be featured here on Pets Tuesday! Tip $10 to put your link ON TOP of our TOPSPOTS How to put your pet here You contact us with: your pet post(s) […]

Puppy Adopt

I read a post about having a puppy as a companion when your main activity is being single doing stay at home jobs: If you are working from home and do not have kids, it can sometimes get a bit lonely as you are physically away from the mainstream workforce. One way around this problem […]

How to make money online with Pets on Tuesdays

Get your link online on the spot! Tip $10 here and place your link instantly in our TOPSPOTS! Hurry! ONLY 2 links of $ 10 left,once taken, prices will go up! Contextual ads need good context for good ads Unlike websites for pets, that have advertisement straight about pets, blogging about juicy subjects like a […]

DaddyP is the new Alan November

A complete comparison between 2 modern day educators: DaddyP and Alan November, reviewed by my cat. Be aware, my cat is completely nude, so you can imagine what follows… Alan November November Learning helps educators around the world prepare their students to be 21st century empowered learners like so: Alan November Learning DaddyP DaddyP helps […]

How joining a contest brings you new visitors

Yes, there are some contests about there where you can win prizes and as a side-kick: get extra visitors to your site! Of course you need to find those contests, and the place to go is the FuelMyBlog community! More visitors contest case study there is a contest at fuelmyblog you better join now, because: […]

Can you win 300$ in your sleep?

I can! And I am just a cat! Let me tell you the secret of winning these 300$ and how many mice that can buy you… Do you want to WIN BIG at thepinkc ? As a cat, I always close my eyes so I can think of many ways to improve myself and my […]