Lesbian Lifestyle and Lesbian Rights in Australia

Lesbian is a woman who loves and has sexual relationship with women. Lesbian sex is a homosexual carry out that like all same sex activity has been there since centuries and is here to stay and prosperous.Internet dating service offers free lesbian personals seeking women for sex apart for love and relationship. There free dating […]

Online Lesbian Dating Site for Lesbian Relationship and Lifestyle

If you are new to this subject, then pay careful attention in reading this article. You can have some common world wide terminology for types of lesbians. Now you will be fully informed about lesbians in perfect way. The world of lesbians is a woman to woman for love or sex. However, lesbians have different […]

About gossip, sex and cancer

For those who have cancer or have a loved one with cancer or any other health problem: my hugs and my prayers. Silent Spring resulted in a large public outcry that eventually led to most uses of DDT being banned in the US in 1972… When anger takes over For those that have experienced cancer […]