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Fixing erectile dysfunction

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Noelia dares to talk

Noelia’s nipple slips, Noelia’s sex video… Suppose you never heard about the above, and you meet Noelia for the first time. You get to know Noelia better and you have a look at this youtube video where Noelia shows off her big… sunglasses below. So this is yet another girl making money in the music […]

Blog of the Weekend: Death by 1000 papercuts

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Jiri Tlusty is … lusty!

There are a few things a love about Canada and let me mention the top 3: the fracas blog (short for Fra Canada’s blog…) the Canadian flag found on our blog of the day DaddyP the entire Toronto Maple leafs naked… Some more naked nonsense about Jiri Tlusty We keep in the Canadian gossip circle […]

The pen is mightier than the sword!

One of my favorite blogs: to get a 🙂 on my face and to get into the mind of the male species… is surely DaddyP‘s blog! Congrats DaddyP, you are blog of the day today!(P stands for 😛 , but DaddyP will deny everything…) But the main reason why I am telling you about DaddyP, […]

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