Gillian Chung sucks

Edison Chen, now that we know… And at first I thought Gillian Chung’s statement yesterday about being "silly and naive" then but "matured" now sucked as well… I mean: a 27 year old international star should know some things at 27 already, shouldn’t she? Do you want more visitors, yet your budget is small: Tip […]

Edison Chen scandal

Let’s do some sexy maths: 2 girls + 1 cup equals quite a hot video… Now 1 guy + 3 girls equals what? Chen + Chan + Chung + Cheung equals the hottest Asian Edison Chen scandal video ever. Maths has never been such fun… If you aren’t familiar with Asian celebrities, then have a […]

What Gillian Chung can teach you about making money online

Get people’s attention first What will catch your attention: a campaign about milk featuring cows or model Naomi Campbell? Exactly: unless you are really into any kind of cows, your attention will be pointed to Naomi Campbell, only then you will notice the milk. This is a famous campaign that still continues 10 years after […]