SYDD Wedding: Single Mom Gets Married!!! Shay Your Date Diva shares the best day of her life with her youtube family. I bring this as a testimony that all women, especially single moms, can find love too if they have faith and NEVER settle Let’s break a record and spread love around the globe. Let’s see if 1 million people can view this video and be inspired to “Believe in Love!” Follow me on Buy these dresses from me on ebay :


  1. ritachiqita0317 says

    Im a new subscriber and just wanted to say what a beautiful wedding this was. And I have to add that you looked a little like a black Jessica Rabbit in the photo at 5:39. Beautiful!!

  2. stefaniejohnson1 says

    Shay, you are beautiful and I pray that you and your family will be overshadowed by blessings from the Creator. You have taught me so much through your videos. I just ordered your book and can’t wait to read it. I must say that after many many broken hearts I almost gave upon on the prospect of getting married again, but your encouragement has helped me believe again. Although we have never met, you ARE my sister and I love ya!

  3. WOW I really needed to see this Im a single parent of a 5 year old girl and I was just saying Im so tired of doing it on my own but I wont settle for less I accidently fell upon this video and Iam glad I did. I got faith and I know that my God told me no meet will be unmeet as long as I seek him and have faith!THANKS for sharing your beautiful day

  4. Carlett246 says

    Absolutely beautiful and encouraging. I feel I was led to this video. Thank You Father. Shay I wish much Peace and Blessings to you and yours.

  5. Talia4worship says

    this was so beautiful, it made me cry, ohh where is the tissue

  6. Searchingone says


  7. lovein30days says

    @Stallweezee Boo how do you know that it was “his” money or even mine that paid for this wedding? Please state your opinion when ever you like but your comment did have the element of negativity. It is my prayer for you that some day you have what ever kind of wedding and honey moon that makes you happy:)
    With Love,
    Shay Your Date Diva

  8. Stallweezee says

    well this is an open forum, a place for me to state my opinion. I said what I would do. This date diva can blow her husband’s money on a wedding if she wants to.

  9. tuaprincessa says

    there was just no need 4 it

  10. Stallweezee says

    im negative because prefer a great honeymoon over a great wedding??

  11. tuaprincessa says

    well good luck in life..bitter ”man” then…it still stands how do u know she didn’t have both? your negativity is not welcome here.

  12. Stallweezee says

    im a guy…

  13. tuaprincessa says

    @Stallweezee wow jealousy maybe? how do u know she didnt have both. good luck in life bitter woman

  14. tuaprincessa says

    beautiful. made me cry with happy tears its so sweet i wish you both all the best. xxxxxxxxxxxxx

  15. What a beautiful response vid to those sick and evil brothers attacking single black women. Thank God for couples like this and the sista who posted the video and song. I was so angry and then God brought me this vid.

  16. Machelle3200 says

    Woow..he loves her too…just look at his eyes……i’m in tears..

  17. Machelle3200 says

    Oh lord…God sent me to this page.. to send me a message…i guess i can find love again and get married..t even with two kids…his is the most beautiful thing i’ve ever seen …thank you….

  18. chunkystylecookie says

    Wow…is all I can say…Girl im a new Subbie to your channel..And I was choked up..That was beautiful… I thought i was watching my dream wedding.. Was I there 🙂 almost crying over here… God Bless your life and marriage forever.

  19. Stallweezee says

    way too much flash for me. give me a good honeymoon over a good wedding any day

  20. cricketsmomma says

    congratulations were the most beautiful bride. your wedding was the most beautiful one i have ever seen. you deserve help so many (as myself as well). xox

  21. erickalatte8 says

    Two words: BEAUTIFUL LOVE

  22. ipswichgirl05 says

    wow!! the bride looks amazing!!
    btw what version of closer is this? i love it!

  23. sugathickchick says

    Couldn’t have said it better! She looks like a dream……….

  24. This is sooooo beautiful… I am happy that you found your soulmate, or should I say that your soulmate found you!!!! You 2 make a beautiful couple… You Go Girl… You deserve it, you spread love to all us Diva’s and Boos and you have been rewarded!!! Live Happy!!!!!

  25. Congrats…simply beautiful pics and couple…

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