Surveys on Free Dating Sites Rebuff Popular Misconception

There is section of people in the modern society that still believes that people turning to free dating sites are either desperate for a relationship or too shy for asking people out in real life. A recent study has proved this belief to be totally baseless. According to the study, people who sign up for free dating sites are socially active and spend a lot of their leisure time towards various social work such as visiting family members, meeting friends and joining social groups and even going to church. Besides, the study also shows that many members of free dating sites are very confident about themselves and ready to engage in more and more social encounters. Hence, the popular misconception about they being shy is also not valid.

I know you must be wondering why these people join free dating sites. Usually, free dating sites have brought together many eligible singles together, making it the most preferable platform for finding prospective partners. People joining free dating sites have different objectives in their mind. While some look for fun, others join for sexual encounters. Surveys conducted on various free dating sites show that most singles in the age bracket of 30 or above seek serious relationship leading towards marriage. On the other hands, there are many singles whose age range between 18-25 aim to have a sweet time. However, not all members that are in the age range of about 30 or above look for serious relationship of marriage – some of them want to flirt or have sexual encounters with other members.

Free dating sites have become a roaring success due to the fact they are being largely targeted at singles. The singles, in turn, find these free dating sites to be cost-effective, fun and a great platform for find their prospective partners as well.

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