Stop Wondering Method Dating Tips It doesn’t matter if you’re single or in a relationship, this book will dramatically impact your romantic life. See how you can eliminate dating anxiety once and for all and create the loving relationship you’ve always wanted! Dating and relationship experts Jessica Cassaday, Ph.D., and Ryan Browning Cassaday have their fingers on the pulse of what has become a cultural epidemic: Women just like you feel anxious, frustrated, and disappointed by the dating process. But they do more than provide gimmicky solutions while telling you what’s wrong with your dating life; they teach you how to date by giving you a system that works. How do you know it works? As friends and longtime business partners, Ryan and Jessica were dating other people when they began writing this book. However, during the time they were working on this project, they began dating each other. They followed their own system and fell more and more in love. After a year of dating, they were married in Ireland. Drawing on their own personal research and their combined two decades of experience counseling and coaching numerous women, they tackle the ubiquitous issues surrounding the plight of the modern dater.


  1. RylanBlu says

    Wear Pantyhose, Heels, and a Skirt!

  2. amirbajrami says

    gosh im so bored. check out my profile if u like this video LOLz

  3. feelgoodnation says

    : ) I believe more in ‘stop wondering and listen to your internal guidance system’ instead of following such a standardized ‘system’. : ) I say this b/c I have broken many of your ‘rules’ and am in the most amazing relationship of my life that is truly loving, passionate, open, communicative and supportive and again…I broke many of these ‘rules’. I think every couple, potential couple or date is different and such ‘rules’ are an interesting way to approach things.
    Peace and Love,

  4. I loved your “one-upping” dating tip! It’s totally true that showing off and trying to prove you’re better than him is not a good move on a date! I’m looking forward to hearing more tips!

  5. Luvz2Surf says

    Wow! Thanks for the info. Great video–very nicely done and chock-full-of wonderful, very practical tips. : ) And, congrats on the birth of your book. Can’t wait to read it.

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