Still Looking for Reasons to Join Free Dating Websites?

I find it kind of funny when a â??free dating websiteâ? requires a small nominal fee for their services, I mean, FREE is supposed to mean free right, as in, no credit card requiredâ?¦ Oh well, Iâ??m not going to stop and waste my time when there are other truly free dating websites out there that are just as good, if not better.

A friend of mine recently asked me, â??Danny, why are you using these free dating websites when there are girls all around you?â? I said, â??Dave, simple answer, free dating websites give you a much wider scope, and you get to learn a bit about the person before actually meeting them. This is great because that way I donâ??t have to take out a second mortgage to keep having first dates that just donâ??t work out!â?

Free dating websites are awesome that way, its nice to get to know someone a bit before actually having to take them out. That way you can sort of avoid that first date awkwardness where you arenâ??t completely sure if that joke youâ??ve been saving is appropriate, or if you get the veal and it turns out your date is a vegetarian and you end up eating alone, covered in red wine. But that never happened to me of courseâ?¦

Itâ??s definitely nice when you can jump onto your favorite free dating website and within a few clicks find someone who looks genuinely interesting. Iâ??ve found that since Iâ??ve started logging into free dating websites, that dates I go on are actually fun, mainly because I share common interests with the person I am with. Free dating websites have definitely brought me success in dating; I mean I donâ??t see my dry cleaner nearly as often anymore.

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