Step 9 : Get listed

Where to list yourself?

1. At linkylove of course!

Link to us and add your site in a comment if you want to be listed here.

If you want some love back, then add this Make money online | Add your link exchange on your site. Just copy and paste the green HTML below:

  • <a href="" title="Make Money Online | Add your link exchange" target="_blank"><img src="" alt="Make money online | Add your link exchange" width="80" height="15" border="0" ></a>

2. Then visit other bloggers:

  1. that link to you
  2. that are covering a similar topic like you and
  3. that have a list of directories they are listed in

Chance is big that you can get listed there as well.

I went to Daryl (like me, he is also making money online) and submitted myself to the directories listed there. They can now be seen in my most right sidebar.

The big boys

Try to get listed at the big boys! There is no guarantee you ever get listed, and sometimes it does take up to 3 months before they list you. But if you become successful in getting accepted in the smaller lists, try every 3 months again for these big boys:

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  1. Hi
    I followed your link from your post on my site – I will review and send to ourblogreview –
    when the review is up, you could reciprocate the link with our banner:

  2. Wah… sponsored by me ar? Thx Thx!

    A little confused by this but I guess its about link exchange though perhaps you can explain more about the mechanics of how this work.

    Cheers bud!

  3. Hi there
    I have reviewed you twice!! Once for OurBlogReview, this has now been submitted for Greg to post. I have also reviewed you at:
    I would be grateful for a reciprocal link, there is a small banner link available for OurBlogReview, but I haven’t got around to making one for my own blog yet…

  4. Hi Jay, you did the BEST review of Linky love so far, also thanks to your link to your own previous post.

    Please tell Greg to leave a comment when his review is up :

    I will see it faster and since I have a no follow plugin, it will benefit Greg as well!

  5. Daryl! The thanks are all mine, since I take knowledge from your blog.

    Normally reviews get sponsored with money by PayPerPost, ReviewMe…

    This post is sponsored by your expertise,
    and we all know:
    our brain is our biggest asset,
    money is just money,

    So Thanks Daryl for sharing your brain-asset!

    Or in Oxford English:
    praise the one that deserves it 🙂

  6. Hello again, I replied to your comment on munny4hunny – The ourblogreview will be very similar to the one you have seen – I just changed some of the phrases around.
    I’m sure I could leave a comment when Greg has posted the review.
    Don’t feel obliged to give a positive review in return – it’s the link that counts as you know…

  7. Truly honored… Thanks! /bow

  8. Hi Daryl, Thanks for the Bow, no need to follow Richard Gere’s dog behavior 🙂

    Bows back!

  9. Jay,

    I agree when it comes to SEO: it’s the link that counts.

    When it comes to Internet marketing, a good review is better than a so-so review. Unless the good review comes from Paula Abdul…

  10. ha ha ha – how about a really good reveiw or a really bad review then (I’m assuming you don’t have Paula as a guest blogger)

  11. Hi Jay,

    Seems gave me both a Paula and Simon review 🙂 Thanks! And I might as well look for Paula’s address and just ask her to review me. Put that in the TODO list 🙂


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