Step 8 : Make each new webpage SEO friendly (1)

WordPressGuy and all WordPress geeks:
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This is actually the same idea as Step 2 : How to make a good website , yet in stead of website, we now say webpage.

For those scratching their head:

Each webpage needs:

  1. a title, keywords and description
  2. an URL

If you have a blog, then you need to put on your geek cap now. Otherwise you just ask in a comment where I am not explaining well. If you have a “normal” website, you change the meta tags (title, description, keywords) for each html page you write.

Each webpage needs its own title

keywords title

Give each page a proper title please!

All my pages are now showing the title of my website. That works fine in the beginning stage of your website: at least everything is on topic. But after some time you will loose because even if I write 1000 posts, according to this search engine they are all about the same title, so why bother?

In order to change this in a WordPress blog and be in full control, you need to download : SEO Title Tag Plugin.

Whoever has a better solution, please leave a comment!

If you don’t want to use this plugin, or you don’t have WordPress, you need to look for your blogs’ settings and make sure you filled in the name of your blog.

Also, don’t hardcode the title like I said before, in stead of :

  • <title>Make Money Online | Add your link Exchange</title>

Keep the software code and change the settings accordingly. In WordPress this looks like (in the header.php file)

  • <title><?php bloginfo(‘name’); wp_title();

    Or in proper English
    Show blog name, show title of post
    Like so:

search engine optimization

So as you see above, if we would have just named our blog in the settings of WordPress, things would look neat, yet not perfect when it comes to SEO 😉

Playing around with the SEO Title Tag Plugin settings, a post will now only show the title of that post, like so:


Each website needs an URL

Here again you make sure the title of your post is also in the URL of your page like:

Step 2 : How to make a good website has the following URL:

In WordPress this is done at Options – Permalinks

seo permalinks

Where you use and adapt the custom option:

permalinks seo

How to change description and keywords in WordPress posts

Anybody who knows the answers, please leave a comment 🙂

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