Step 7: Start earning money

When you just started a blog or you just found out you can earn money by blogging, you probably have 1001 things to do.

So we want a fast and easy way to start earning money, when we are busy doing the other 1000 things. What to choose now depends on your blog:

What about affiliates you say? Wait 🙂 We will get to more money make options as soon as we walked through our first 10 steps to make money. Walk before you run… 🙂

Make money with Adsense

You copy and paste some HTML code in your blog and "tadaa": Adsense adds links of advertisers on your page, as you can see here and there on my site.

Adsense Advantages:

  • fast and easy set up
  • new blogs are welcome
  • free blogs are welcome
  • you can earn money when you sleep

Adsense Earnings:

We are not allowed to post how much we earn with Adsense. Referrals get 100$ when a new Adsense subscriber earns 100$ in 6 months. Simply put this means that in the 4th month on average you will be making about 20 dollars. All depends on:

  • the amount of visitors your blog gets (this is in your control: the more good, the more visitors)
  • the value of your ads (this depends roughly on the general topic of your blog)

Make money with PayPerPost

You already have an established blog, but are wondering how to make money with it?

How does it work? You sign up and logon to PayPerPost, look on the "PayPerPost" board to see if there is any opportunity for grabs to write about.

In most cases you need to go and check out a website, write about it in your blog and add a few links to that site. Linky Love for money! That’s what it is.

Sign up now for PayPerPost if your blog:

  • is more than 90 days old
  • has more than 20 posts
  • is in English
  • has a Google PageRank of 4 or more

Sign up now for PayPerPost

PayPerPost Advantages:

  • the more you write, the more you earn
  • the higher your Google PageRank, the more you earn
  • you see what you can earn before you start writing your sponsored post
  • you get paid for what you are doing already: blogging!

PayPerPost Earnings:

There are no secrets here: you can earn big money by blogging with PayPerPost! It seems that a good earner gets between 800 to 1000$ a month! That without having a boss 🙂

pay per post yearly earnings

Almost 10.000$ in less than 1 year!


1000$ a month is a realistic target!

Are you ready to earn 10004 a month?
Sign up now for PayPerPost

Combine Adsense with PayPerPost

If you are serious about making money online, you strive to get a blog with PageRank 4 or more. This will take you 3 to 6 months (remember the 6 months from Adsense?)

How do you get a PageRank 4 or more?

Link to Linky Love now and ask for a reciprocal link!

The more links you have, the higher your PageRank will become.

So add this Make money online | Add your link exchange on your site. Just copy and paste the green HTML below:

  • <a href="" title="Make Money Online | Add your link exchange" target="_blank"><img src="" alt="Make money online | Add your link exchange" width="80" height="15" border="0" ></a>

Why combine Adsense with PayPerPost?

Always put your eggs in more than 1 basket!

Further than that, if your website has a PageRank 4 or more:

  • you make money when you sleep with Adsense
  • you make money when you blog with PayPerPost

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  1. Hi Linky LOve

    I just linked to you from On-Line Business

  2. Hi Peter,

    You have been Linky Loved!

    Tell us a bit more about yourself and your website, as I see I am deep linked inside your website?

    Do you write all the articles yourself or how does your site work?


  3. I thought about pay per post myself, but I heard a ton of negative things about them. Like, you have to give positive reviews. That’s why I chose Review Me, because you are free to write what you really think. On the other hand, it is harder to get a review from them.

  4. Review me must be good if you have a PR6 like you 🙂 For a beginning website PayPerPost is easier to get : PR 4 and 3 months online.

    PayperPost tells you to be positive, or neutral, and there are lots of neutral reviews to choose from.

    How many Review me reviews do you get in a month?

    To make the list complete:
    -you can also try, looks like PayperPost accepts blogs much easier than Review Me, but I am still waiting for my first assignment on LinkyLove (althouh accepted, no reviews given…so no money). But for a 2 weeks old blog, I am happy to be accepted 😉

    Any more to complete the list?

    Thanks David!

  5. Although accepted by Blogsvertise, i don’t get any offers to review, so its bitter sweet to say that you are accepted.

    But: as with all investments, time is important!

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