Step 6 : join, join, join…join!

Join the 4 websites listed below to:

  • get more visitors
  • get higher paid advertisers

Imagine you are walking on the street:

  • how difficult it is to make new friends, let alone to get noticed?

Now imagine you "join the club":

  • suddenly you get much easier noticed in your club
  • you notice others and
  • you have the courage to contact complete strangers

So in order to find new visitors and better advertisers for your site: join in! You can join any club you feel comfortable in, yet if you want more visitors and higher rankings in the search engine we recommend you join first and foremost:

Who do you join?

Listed from very easy to bit difficult, from fast done to needs some work

  • Linky love! Yes, join us by linking to us and we link to you (fast and easy!)
  • The D-list : friends of friend bloggers where your comments get into the search engines (fast and quite easy!)
  • Mybloglog : a new thriving community with lots of sub-communities like my communities: (quite fast and easy)
  • Technorati : to find what other bloggers are blogging about, be found by advertisers and list what you are blogging about (bit challenging)

Why join linky love?

Because you can get a reciprocal link!
+ to boost your Technorati ranking

When you link to Linky love, we will link back to you.

How to link with Linky Love?

Copy and paste the green HTML code to get this:

    <a href="" title="Make Money Online | Add your link exchange" target="_blank"><b>LINKY LOVE</b></a>
  • Make money online | Add your link exchange

    <a href="" title="Make Money Online | Add your link exchange" target="_blank"><img src="" alt="Make money online | Add your link exchange" width="80" height="15" border="0" ></a> 

  • Leave a comment that you linked to me, so I can link to you faster!

If your site is very new, then a few days later, you will be in the search engine because the spiders will stumble over your link found on Linky love.

That’s a quick thing to do but a smart investment: Linky Love wants to become famous. With a reciprocal link, you can be famous too!

Why Join the D-List?

Because you join a friends of friends list.
+ to boost your Technorati ranking

On top of that: Joining the D-List will boost your search engine ranking! Why? Because friends on the D-List have blogs where each quality
comment you leave will be read by the search engine.

Yes, leaving links in comments is good for getting noticed by readers. For getting noticed by the search engine, you need to have a Do-Follow ‘thingy’. Read more about it in How to join the D-List

How to join the D-List?

Follow the instructions at:

How to join the D-List

Why join mybloglog?

To get noticed and notice others.

The search engines have sent me this week zero visitors. Mybloglog has sent me 50 visitors. You want to rank number 1 in the search engine, but in the mean time you have to get noticed now!

How does Mybloglog look like?

money from scratch

This is a screen-shot of my Internet Make Money community. What do you see? You see faces, you see real people.

I have already 17 community members: which means

  • they had a look at my community
  • they found something interesting about my community to join
  • are waiting for my next "move" as they already took the first step

So I have a fan-club already 🙂 Up to me now to keep my fans happy!

How to join mybloglog?

You don’t even need to have a blog to join Mybloglog Go to my community at Mybloglog and press the join button. Then do what they say (register with a screen-name and your email if you are completely new at Mybloglog)

Why join Technorati

Because technorati is a bloggers’ hang out
where advertisers look for quality bloggers.
+ to boost your Technorati ranking

  • If you say "search engine", then you think Yahoo, Msn, Google
  • If you say "bloggers", then you should think Technorati.

Technorati use for bloggers

Add your blog in Technorati, and your blog + posts will be visible and searchable
from the Technorati homepage

Technorati use for advertisers

Like "Pagerank" from Google, "Technorati Rank" from Technorati is used by Advertisers to "let your blog in or not".

technorati ranking

My Technorati rank for
Links are important!

So why is Technorati important? If you want to post sponsored posts on your blog by joining :

they are interested in your Pagerank and Technorati Rank.

This is why Review me rejected my application to join at this very moment. I am a new site, so my rankings are non existing. Like kind of when you are a baby, you can do what you like yet your amount of years keeps on zero… The same with rankings: they need some time to get up.(we are talking months here)

ranking high

Yes, I need to boost my rankings and come back next month, because I want to earn a lot of money with sponsored posts.

The only reason why Review me and PayPerPost pay you a lot to write a sponsored post, is because they have objective criteria to know you are a prominent blog that has been around for some time and has a decent amount of readers.

How to join technorati?

You need to go to technorati obviously 🙂

There you:

  • sign up
  • submit your blog, which Technorati calls: claim your blog, and use embedded claim.
    Read Step 3: Search Engine Optimization (SEO) if you want to choose a good title, description and keywords!
  • fill in when asked your URL, title, description and keywords (which Technorati calls tags)

If you are not a geek, you come back here and leave a comment and a reciprocal link. We can then answer your questions as if you are serious about making money with blogging, you need to get claim your blog in Technorati. (Technorati is like going to a job interview wearing a suit, to say the least)

Join: summarized

The 4 must have "JOIN…" to:

  • get more visitors
  • get higher paid advertisers

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  1. ei… i already put the linky love image link under my link-ex community section… thanks for adding me… i wish you also have some cbox tagboard like mine… so that messages like these will not be mistaken as comments… thanks again! Ãœ

  2. Hi, there,

    Thanks for dropping by. I have already put you on the main page.
    Please check and thanks again for linking to me.

  3. Linky Love says

    Thanks Yatot, reason why I let people leave comments is because these comments have a link back AND are read in the search engines, since I use Do-Follow plugin.

    You should add a D-list yourself, copy-paste mine and add your links!


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