Step 5 : Let your visitors use your website

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Thanks Susan 🙂


You only have 2 assets online: use them well!

  1. your visitors
  2. yourself

Love your visitors


  • visitors are the ones reading your blog (yeah, real people like you!)
  • 2 know more than 1
  • 2 can do more than 1

Interact with your visitors

Ever went to an eating pub? Some people drop by and sit on their own table, others sit on the bar and want to talk with the waiter or waitress.

So are your visitors: some just want to drop by, others want a chat! So make sure you can be contacted in your website by either or all of this:

  • email
  • chatbox
  • forum
  • contact form
  • comment

Yes, on my site you can interact with me: leave a comment!

Show your love

Remember what we said in our post "Stick to the plan" :

Walk the talk!

Don’t simple tell your visitors: I love you…

Jeeez, don’t you just hate those comments like :

love your legs, love your boobs, love your site, please visit mine

Walk the talk:

  • if you love me, link to me!
  • if I love you, I will link to you.

See? Now we are talking reciprocal love 🙂

You could say: LinkyLove, you are quite stingy with the ‘love’ you give, and then I answer you:

  • I do give something back: a link
  • I am stingy these days because like I said before: at the start of a new website you like me will have 1001 things to do.
    When I am a bit out of the diapers with my, there will be much more time to give back to all of you 🙂 And for a helpful hand like Susan’s: I put her link first to see at the top of this post as well.

Give something to your visitors

Make your site useful

Give something that you have and that your visitors want.

You need to have something to give first, and it boils down to 2 things:

  • give things (remember how Oprah gave cars away…. isn’t that great?)
  • give ideas

What do I give my visitors?

  • reciprocal links
  • real-time example of how to make a new money making site on the Internet
  • ideas you can make money with online

As soon as I have material things to give, I will be happy to do so! 🙂

So everybody out there who wants to use my site as a platform to give away things, please leave a comment!

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