Step 4: How to get in the search engines?

You get in the search engines because the search engines found your website!

How does the search engine find your website?

By following a link on another webpage that links to your website.

Aha: that’s why I am called Linky Love: because I love links from other websites to my website 🙂 😉 🙂

How to know if you are in the search engine

You type in the search box: site:nameofyoursite.

In my case:

and then I saw yesterday:

google search ranking

Ahem: typo: 🙂 do you wan 🙂 Embarrassing to start with and if people read a mistake like that, you lose credibility, so I have changed that asap as stated in my post of yesterday: Step 3: Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Part of ranking high is making sure you write proper English.

How much does the search engine like your site?

The search engine loves you a lot when:

  • it shows more pages of your site
  • its "cached’ has a very recent date (means the search engine likes to drop by a lot)

So today I checked again and it seems that much more pages are shown. Seems the search engine loves me a lot! Be aware, love in its early stages is very vulnerable, so keep on checking if you didn’t upset the search engine!

google search engine rankings

How to improve your search engine rankings?

  1. get more links
  2. write no mistakes
  3. get proper page names in stead of /?p=4 … /?p=5 …

Task 2 and 3 I can do.

Task 1 ‘get more links‘ I need your help!

I have a theme with 4 columns: that is to be able to add lots and lots of links.

The first 10 to link to my site will be featured in my

first 10 links category!

Leave a comment when you placed your link,
So I can link back to you.

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  1. You are now linked from the LifeIsRisky.Com blogroll! Did I make it into the top 10?

  2. Linky Love says

    Hi Susan, I linked you with my first 10 linky Lovers, but I didn’t see myself in your blogroll anymore?

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