Step 10: Evaluation!

Or in other words: review yourself!

Are you still on track with:

  1. your posts : do you write posts that are expected when people read your title?
  2. your time spent on the computer : do you use your time for your blog to grow?
  3. your visitors : do you know who they are and do you give them what they want?
  4. pagerank, technorati, alexa rankings
  5. your site look and feel: can people fast and easily find what they expect when reading your title?

Now don’t rush rush through your evaluation: we are 20 days in and I will use this last week of the month to do an entire evaluation of my blog. Why? Because the only way to make it with a website is keeping on track with what you were supposed to do.

Otherwise you run around like chickens in my grandpa’s garden: no idea where they are going to and I wouldn’t care less. Now you don’t want your visitors to be like that, do you?

Lets go over the 5 above itemsin short, and then see what needs to be improved on my site.

1. Your posts

My aim is to earn money online and I want to get there by showing exactly how I do it. My posts so far can be categorised as:

  • how to get more visitors (SEO and Internet Marketing)
  • how to earn money online (Ads and reviews)
  • how to get more links
  • 2 paid reviews so I earn money

So that’s ok

2. Your time spend on the computer

I don’t waste time staring at sexy Girls Swimsuits, I don’t look for a better template nor state of the art HTML codes and javascript and although I did
spend a few minutes making a favicon, I got one for free by Ilker Yoldas.

I do read other blogs, you can see them in my blogroll and reviews-roll : some of them are so helpful that at this stage of my blog, I don’t need to reach out and spend time looking for new resources.

So that’s ok for the time being.

3. Your visitors

So far I know some of my visitors from the comments they leave behind on my blog. I have to check out my log files to know more about my visitors (where they come from, how they get here…).

If you don’t have access to logfiles, then get yourself a sitemeter at Go get one now!

So this needs further evaluation! Especially you want to see how many visitors you get, do you get more than yesterday and : how did they get to your page!

4. Pagerank, Technorati, Alexa rankings

If you want to join an advertising program, especially the paid review programs, they will look at your Pagerank, Technorati rank and Alexa rank.

This is an ongoing process and you never heard me talking about Alexa yet.
So work to be done here!

5. Your site look and feel

Like I said in my post Step 1: New theme and first advertisers and I said also in item 2 above : I am not going to waste much time here choosing a template. I have an unusual 4 column template which at least is flexible to juggle things around. let’s say I got myself lots of storage room but throw everything on the shells quickly.

What is ok:

  • adds are clearly visible

What is missing:

  • how much money do I make? Great to talk about "do this and that", but at the end of the day you want  to know how much money you can make online with a new blog like this. Due to the TOS of Adsense, I will only post a total monthly income of all my earnings combined, so 6 days to go 🙂
  • how to easily link to my blog
  • how to easily do a link exchange
  • which blogroll links are also about what I am doing?
  • some kind of sitemap:
    • which advertisers to choose from
    • which review me sites to chose from
    • SEO
    • Internet Marketing
  • affiliates For those who got carried away by thinking that "this
    blog has everything", we do need to add affiliates!

Owee, still a lot of work to be done to make the page easier to use!

What else is missing on my blog?
Please comment so I can get it for you!

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