Space War: Spy Satellite ‘Kill’ Would Prove U.S. Capability of wasting money BIG TIME

Some countries like Cuba manage to keep a car rolling for more than 50 years:

picture of fidel castro

Picture of Fidel Castro’s legacy:
don’t spend money if you have no other choice

Some countries like US manage to destroy satellites without even using them:

spy satellite

Destruction of "Spy Satellite":
Spend billions making a satellite
Don’t use it because it is useless
Spend billions on a navy ship
Spend even more on missiles

Then shoot it all in oblivity!

Do you want a vintage car or nothing shot into nowhere?

What is Bush complaining about Fidel Castro during and now even after Fidel Castro in Power? Is it really necessary to spend billions on useless things when you could have spend it on 25% of your population getting some healthcare done?

But we shoot the satellite out of health concern! ????

Apart of the question: why did you have to make the satellite in the first place…

1. Listen to the "intelligent" reason to shoot down the spy satellite

Government officials say they are concerned that the fuel tank could land in a populated area, rupture and turn into a toxic gas.

2. Listen to the "intelligent" reason why satellite derby won’t harm us

Government officials say : since about three-quarters of the world is water and a small percent is inhabited…

Are they talking about the same earth as in reason 1?
yes they are…

Oh I see….

There are about 100 re-entries of space debris each year with few, if any, reports of injuries.

How accurate is : with few if any…

And we all sit by and watch, wondering why our beloved US is going bankrupt and of course dragging it’s people in it first, polluting the entire planet earth again a bit extra?

No problem says the Government, we are wise: we just landed our Space shuttle so no derby will hurt that one, with few if any…


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