Smart Reasons To Choose Free Dating Web Sites


One of the increasingly common ways to meet people today is through free dating web sites. While they are extremely convenient for most of us who are simply too busy to visit bars or the gym to make connections, there is some debate over whether or not you should be paying for this dating service. Below are a few of the pros and cons for both.


Why Pay for Online Dating?


Even if you are dead set against paying for these online dating services, you should realize there are some advantages over free dating web sites. For one, you know the people are more serious. If you are committed to finding a partner via the Internet, using a paid service means you are showing that your intentions are serious. You’re not just playing around and putting up a profile because you had a fight with your boyfriend or because you’re a minor wanting to have some fun by pretending to be looking for dates.


Additionally, a little extra screening has gone on. Because free dating web sites don’t require credit card information, you can’t be entirely sure of a person’s identity. You have a little bit more protection through a paid service.


Why Choose Free Dating Sites?


Although there are benefits to the paid services, there are many great reasons to choose a free one as well. For starters, you’ll find that more people are members of these free services. Some boast databases of thousands of people. Because they don’t have to spend any cash, they are more likely to take the risk of pursing a relationship via this avenue.


Another benefits if that you don’t have to make an investment to give this type of service a try. Most people who are doubtful about these online dating services are concerned that they’ll spend money on a subscription then end up finding no viable matches. With free dating web sites, that’s not a concern.


Drawbacks of Paid Sites


Besides what has been mentioned above, another drawback of the paid sites is their price. In addition to the regular subscription price, you may also be charged for extra services, such as secure phone calls which allow you to talk to another person you’ve met without giving out your phone number or other identifying information. That’s a great idea but do you really need to pay for something else on top of your monthly rates. You won’t have to worry about those extra when you use free dating web sites.


Possible Negatives of Free Dating Sites


Although free sites are a great choice, you should be ready for the consequences of your choice. To stay in operation, these sites do depend on revenue from advertisers so you will see more ads on the sites and may even be contacted by advertisers. You might also face some limitations on the number of photos and details you can add to your profile. 


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