Show me a sexy secretary

Why am I Typing in my underwear? Because if I am attracting visitors like you 🙂 And I am not the only one using this strategy: seems the only way to get people looking at the weatherforecast has to do with short skirt and big cleavage.

Jackie Guerrido pics

Have a look at these Jackie Guerrido pics. Yes, she is the weather-person for "Despierta America" : Wake-Up America… Well, what a way to wake up indeed!

Jackie Guerrido weather pics

Jackie Guerrido weather pics

For those who know about photography, Jackie Guerrido is not fully standing in the middle, but more towards the composition strong 1/3 side of the picture. But if this is the weather forecast, then what is all this about?

jackie guerrido bikini

Jackie Guerrido legs, blond belly or pink bikini?

Is this the producer of the weather forecast choosing amongst these 3 sexy dressed weather women according to the viewers statistics?

I mean, is Univision really interested in showing us the weather forecast in the first place? Ladies aware: if you try to get a job on this kind of weather station, make sure you got your assets right and forget about writing an interview letter, make sure you just typecast yourself in a walk in interview 🙂

Show me a sexy secretary

Ok, now who of these 2 is just a picture of a sexy secretary?

show me a sexy secretary pic 1

Show me a sexy secretary pic 1

show me a sexy secretary

Show me a sexy secretary pic 2

Which pic did you pick?

The first picture again is one of the Jackie Guerrido pictures NOT in the office

The second picture is Carmen Dominicci in the middle of hosting a TV show…

Jackie Guerrido oops Video

jackie guerrido oops videoBut we were actually talking about is this all staged or really just another girl from the block that got a job on TV? Can you imagine to see Jackie Guerrido nude just like that coincidentally hosting a show?

I mean for those who ever have worn a short skirt, it takes some practice to keep your legs crossed or change from one position to the other. But sooner or later you need to change position, so that all explains why Jackie Guerrido is being sexy oops hosting a TV show and I always make sure I am Typing in my underwear 🙂

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