Should I Give Him Space? – Relationship Tips/Advice – Ask Chauntel

Chauntel helps Jen sort out her complicated situation with this guy. She explains what made him split, and what Jen can do to get him back. Ladies ever wondered what that guys was thinking? Watch!


  1. askchauntel says

    @moshimonsterful sure add me! and why don’t u talk to him…

  2. moshimonsterful says

    i am really shy my nickname is mouse!i think he might like me now because he always play with me!(she doesnt play with me)i am reallt shy around him and he shows off alot is that a sign he likes me?p.s can we be friends?p.p.s thanks for the advice

  3. askchauntel says

    @moshimonsterful well hey if she doesn’t like him…then go for it!

  4. moshimonsterful says

    help!!!(again)she doesnt like him though but i really,really,REALLY do.i dream about him at night sometimes plz help

  5. askchauntel says

    @moshimonsterful if he likes ur friend and ur friend likes him…just leave it alone…its not worth loosing a friend over.

  6. moshimonsterful says

    i need help!!!a boy likes my friend but i like him but now i think he might like me but dont wanna tell my friend coz she will get angry and today we were playing a game and he pretended to be a baby and i was big sissy and hugged me but said to his friends that he really hugged me propely so yeah plz help p.s i will keep comenting if u help me!!!

  7. Pathrissia says

    Yes. Knowing him for 2 years and then calling him a nagger, sure he backs off. I wouldnt feel the girl was worth me if she says that after 2 years. “Shes so not interested in me, plus shes annoyed at me”

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  9. Dirtywayne80 says

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  10. detriplea says

    You are so ugly, stupid and childish. Just stop making this videos cause some innocent girl will turn into the worthless girl you are. I would rather eat bottles than Look at that face and listen to that immature voice.

  11. urbanburglary says

    *nsync! thats the real deal right there!

  12. askchauntel says

    it’s a waterfountain…lolz sorry

  13. Beethoven1981 says

    What on earth is that sound on background? Shower? Waterfall?

  14. JayReckless617 says

    yeah its the way she came at dude so chicks say things in a way (ghetto) that would would turn a dude off and make him not want to fuck with her.. why didn’t she just apologize ? that’s what she should do !!!!

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